Beau Bennett Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Pics: Hockey Hunk of the Day

Beau Bennett Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos, and Other Stuff. Today in hockey hunks, we bring you Beau Bennett of the New Jersey Devils. He used to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins and was part of the 2016 Stanley Cup Championship team but was traded to the Devils this June.

Beau was the 20th overall draft pick and had a promising start with the NHL. Unfortunately, his pro career has been plagued by injuries so his star has faded somewhat.

Still, his new coach John Hynes sees lots of potential and opportunity in the 24-year-old lad. Here’s what coach Hynes says of Beau according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette:

Beau is obviously a talented player. We all know he’s been injured for quite a long time. You always knew there’s a high-character person and player that’s there. You also see a guy that, if he could get healthy and get his game going, there’s lots of opportunity and potential for him. That’s what we’ve seen.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Beau’s career will be injury-free in the coming seasons, shall we? Want more hockey hunks? Go check out our post on Auston Matthews.

Beau Bennett Girlfriend is Georgann White. Does Beau have a girlfriend? Yes he does, sweetie! Her name is Georgann White. Here are photos of the lovebirds we grabbed from their social media accounts.

beau bennett girlfriend georgann white

They do look like they’ve been made for each other, no?

beau bennett georgann white

At sea with the Stanley Cup.

beau bennett girlfriend georgann white

For those of you who want more pics like these, you can follow Beau on Instragram (@beaubennet8).

Beau Bennett Shirtless Photos. This section is for those of you who want more Beau Bennett shirtless pics.

beau bennett hot

Ain’t he hawt, hawt, hawt? He sure is!!! The next pic below is kind of gay though? Pink tutus? What’s that about?

beau bennett gay or straight

Now, we can’t find any Beau Bennett underwear pics but we have something that is more interesting.

beau bennett underwear - slutty bunny

He is a slutty bunny!!!! Haha. Ain’t that awesome? The other guy is Robert Bortuzzo, another hockey player. The two are playing dress-up for Halloween.