Armani Speedo Swimwear: Male Mankini Models and Filippo Magnini

Armani Speedo Swimwear For Men: Male Mankini Models. What do you think of Emporio Armani’s Bruno-inspired mankinis? Ridiculous, no? Outside of comics Jim Carrey and Sacha Baron-Cohen we don’t really see guys in their right mind wearing a mankini.

Okay, John Mayer wore one to please his fans but that dude is doing it for the controversy. Anyhoo, if our beau ever wears a mankini in public, we will act like we don’t know him and that he’s a stranger to us. Hehe.

armani speedo mankini

We think Armani should give us more itsy-bitsy bikini swimsuits for men, like what the two hunks are wearing below, rather than these horrendous mankinis.

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More Emporio Armani Speedo Swimswear for Men
06 December 2011

Before the Armani fashion house were inspired by Borat to make silly men’s swimwear that no sane man will wear outside of runway shows, the label actually made sexy swimwear that would look cool on you and your boyfriend. For instance, check out Filippo Magnini’s Emporio Armani swimsuits back in 2007.

filippo magnini speedo by armani

Filippo, for those of you not familiar with him is a bemedalled Italian swimmer. He boasts of four gold medals from the World Aquatic Championships and an impressive 16 gold medals from the European Championships. He also has an Olympic bronze medal from the Athens Olympic Games. Maybe he didn’t peak during Olympic Games so he wasn’t able to bag more medals?

Anyhoo, here’s another photo of Filippo (also called Superpippo in Italy) advertising the Armani label’s EA7 swimwear.

armani speedo swimwear filippo magnini ea7

Other male models in Emporio Armani swimwear.

Swim shorts anyone?

Or what about a square-cut swim trunks?

armani speedo swimwear beach shorts

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Armani Speedo Swimwear For Men: Male Mankini Models
. Originally published on 04 August 2010. Updated 06 December 2011