Amir Khan Weigh-in Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Amir Khan Shirtless, Wedding, and Life After Boxing Update. So, how’s our favorite British Pakistani boxer these days? What’s his life like since we last blogged about him a little more than ten years ago in May 2011?

amir khan shirtless magazine cover

Well, life has gone swimmingly for the guy! He’s made millions of money in boxing; established several businesses such as a wedding banquet hall, a restaurant, and a make-up shop; and he established his own boxing promotion company called Khan Promotion as well as a charitable foundation. Oh, he also married his high school sweetheart Faryal Makhdoom. They are now raising two daughters and, early this year, they starred in a BBC reality show called Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton about their lives. Yay!

amir khan wife faryal makhdoom

amir khan wedding to wife faryal makhdoom

Amir Khan Weigh-in Underwear and Shirtless Photos (3 May 2011). Amir Khan strips down to his underwear during a weigh-in. Is that a Calvin Klein underwear he’s wearing? If we were his agent, we would be calling the Calvin people for some kind of endorsement deal. Let’s not have Beckham gooble all the sponsorships.

amir khan underwear boxer briefs

UPDATE: More Amir Khan weigh-in underwear photos. Boy are we impressed! For other boxer’s weigh-in photos, check out our post on Victor Cruz.

amir khan shirtless underwear

amir khan underwear by ed hardy

amir khan underwear boxer briefs

amir khan underwear weigh in - hugo boss

amir khan underwear weigh in - versace

amir khan underwear weigh in

Amir Khan Weigh-In Underwear: Dolce and Gabbana (posted 27 April 2009). Look who’s looking good in Dolce & Gabbana boxer shorts? It’s British boxer Amir Khan who, from the looks of it, can have a modeling career if he decides to say goodbye to the world of boxing.

Amir Khan vs. Marco Barrera: Weigh-in Photos – Boxing. Should have posted this when these Amir Khan and Marco Barrera had their boxing bout last March but its better late than never. You know of course that Amir beat Marco in this encounter.

amir khan weigh-in underwear vs barrera

Amir Khan vs. Andreas Kotelnik: WBA Light Welterweight Title (posted 09 April 2009). Nearly four months after he kicked the ass of Marco Antonio Barrera, British boxer Amir Khan will be gunning for his first world title when he faces WBA light-welterweight champ Andreas Kotelnik on June 27.

He is reportedly excited about his upcoming bout. Says Khan, according to The Guardian reports: “This is the best news that I could have received. To fight for the world title in only my 22nd fight and at the age of just 22 is fantastic. I’ve seen Kotelnik a few times and I’ve always been impressed by him,” Khan said.

He adds: “But, once my trainer Freddie Roach works out the game plan to beat him, it’s my job to execute it on the night as I did effectively against Barrera.” Go Amir!

Video: Amir Khan Beats Barrera, Proves Critics Wrong (posted: 15 March 2009). Amir Khan beats Marco Antonio Barrera in this boxing classic. Congratulations Amir. At 22, you have your whole life ahead of you in the world of boxing. Amir’s interview after the bout.

It may be the end of the road for Marco but he has already proven himself in the world of boxing so, if he retires, he can retire with his head held high. Here’s a pre-fight feature on the Amir Khan vs. Marco Barrera encounter.

Hand Signed Amir Khan Photo (posted 07 June 2008). Interesting photo of Amir Khan signed by the boxer himself according to the person who uploaded it online. Pretty cool, eh? Who wouldn’t want an autographed pic of the boxer? I know, I know, maybe seeking autographs is so 80s but you (or your future grandkids) can make money from celebrity autographs via ebay.

amir khan hand signed autographed photo

Amir Khan Wallpaper (posted 07 June 2008). A wall paper featuring Amir Khan which I decided to use as the header image for this blog. He sure is a good looking boxer and has a cross-over potential to other fields such as modeling and acting and that kind of stuff. You agree right, it isn’t hard at all to imagine Amir as a model.

amir khan shirtless wall paper

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