Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain

Best Mens Underwear in the World Update. We are updating our posts to see whether there have been developments in the past decade over the subject matter we posted about and we’re sad to note that it seems like the Unno brand stopped making its Anatomic line. We say this because, sadly, we don’t see any posts promoting the Unno Anatomic in the company’s social media pages.

Neither is it mentioned in the website so it is likely that they have discontinued this style which made headlines about 11 years ago. On a positive note, Unno still does make men’s underwear and they look pretty dope in our eyes. Here are some pics we grabbed from Unno’s Instagram page:

best mens underwear in the world spanish brand unno

best mens underwear unno anatomic

Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain (Posted 1 December 2009). Since the Guinness Book of World Record isn’t declaring what the world’s best underwear is, we’re giving the title to this Italian (or is it Spanish?) underwear brand called Unno. Unno is described in various press accounts as “the first underwear for men which is designed to enhance male attributes” as well as an underwear that provides “extra shape enhancement”.

best mens underwear in the world unno anatomic

Apparently, Unno is so powerful that if a man wears a pair of Unno undies, it would get him so hard it can break a display window. If this does not earn you the World’s Best Mens Underwear title, we don’t know what will. However, should we be worried for whoever partners with an Unno-wearing guy? What if┬áhe’ll break his partner while they are doing the horizontal dance or something.

best mens underwear unno anatomic

best mens underwear brand unno

More Unno Underwear For Men and Women. You know what, we gotta give credit to the people behind Unno’s advertising campaign’s because they do come up with adverts that are worth talking about. The glass-shattering photos above is a good example of a well-executed ad concept but the following “streaker inspired” campaigns from 2003 are pretty good too.

unno anatomic underwear advertising

It goes without saying that this is inspired by streakers who regularly disrupt sporting events when they take to the field or court or pitch with nothing but their underwear. Anyhoo, here’s another interesting underwear advert from Unno underwear. It’s called Censure and it’s from a 2002 advertising campaign. Considering how most underwear brands advertise by showing us male models with “shapeful” manhoods, the above “Censured” campaign where the model’s “shapefulness” is hidden is an inspired counter-strategy. Update: Sorry, we had to delete the Censure ad because Grandma Akita says it is not for a General Audience. Hehe. But we are updating it with this one which she approves:

best mens underwear brand unno anatomic

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