Adam Gregory Shirtless, Underwear, Modeling Photos: Hudson Jeans

Adam Gregory Shirtless, Underwear, Modeling Photos: Hudson Jeans. Wanna see Adam Gregory’s underwear? Of course, you do. Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of Adam wearing only his undies (you know, so we can answer the very important “Does he wear boxers or briefs?” question) but we do have the next best thing: a glimpse of his undies in these shirtless photos of the 90210 hunk wearing low-hang jeans.

adam gregory underwear

For those of you who are brand conscious, our Adam is wearing Armani Exchange underwear which, if you remember your underwear+pop history is the brand preferred by the Beckhams (well, according to the ads anyway, hehehe).

adam gregory shirtless

Here’s another photo of Adam teasing us with his peekabo underwear. Whatatease! The brand logo, which is definitely not Armani, kinda looks familiar but we are too lazy to look it up. If Adam won’t go the extra mile of dropping his pants to answer the “briefs or boxers” question, we ain’t gonna go the extra mile of looking up the brand of undies he wears. Ha!

adam gregory shirtless


Male Fashion: Jeans Plus Shirt and Tie – Good or Bad?
15 December 2009

adam gregory hot body

Male fashion question of the day: Is it okay to combine jeans with shirt and tie? Our answer: Of course it is okay. Check out Adam Gregory’s get up in these photos. He looks really nice, right? His shoes look huge and out of proportion but we think that’s a camera effect more than anything else.

Now, even though it is okay to pair jeans with a shirt and a tie, you gotta remember fashion rule Number One: “Always dress for the occasion.” A jeans plus shirt and tie combo is for informal events rather than formal ones. So don’t go wearing them if you’re going for a job interview, or your best friend’s wedding, or a formal dinner.

But you can wear them to your own birthday party which is what Adam Gregory is doing in these photos (taken during his 21st birthday celebration last February).

adam gregory body

Men’s Hudson Jeans: Adam Gregory, Hollywood Hunk (posted 25 October 2009).Today in celebrity jeans, we bring you 90210 hunk and our imaginary boyfriend Adam Gregory in his pair of Hudson Jeans. He’s such a real cutie, no? However, we like him better in his camouflage pants because he is sexier in them. But that’s us :-)

adam gregory hudson jeans

Adam Gregory Shirtless in Camouflage Pants (posted 18 September 2009). We’ve seen Adam Gregory in his skinny jeans, now let’s ogle at him in his camouflage pants or camo pants.

adam gregory shirtless camo pants

Did we tell you that we Famewatchers love us our Adam Gregory. Yes we do. He is super cute, isn’t he? We’d bet a hundred bucks that Adam is going the next big male star in Hollywood. He is reportedly the new image model for Company 81, a menswear line which should give us more reasons to blog about him in the future.

Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans: Adam Gregory, 90210 (posted 16 September 2009). Move over Zac Efron, you’re not the only young male celebrity who looks good in skinny jeans. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this dude from Ohio who goes by the name of Adam Gregory looks hotter than you in his blue denims.

adam gregory fashion style skinny jeans

Oh, here’s an Adam Gregory shirtless photoshoot where he he’s got the girl!

adam gregory girlfriend

Lawsuit: Adam Gregory vs. Ex-Manager (posted 28 September 2009). Look who’s getting sued for failing to pay his manager’s commission? It’s 90210 hunk Adam Gregory.

TMZ reports: According to a lawsuit filed last week in Santa Monica, Gregory has not forked over his manager’s cut for things like “90210,” “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” “17 Again,” and a Chili’s commercial. The manager is suing for breach of contract and is seeking damages in excess of $100,000 plus interest.

Wassup, Adam? We gotta admit that you look great shirtless but why are you not paying for ex-manager? That ain’t cool. Adam Gregory shirtless = Cool. Adam Gregory not paying his manager = Not Cool.

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