Aussiebum Mens Underwear Models in Briefs and Boxers

Aussiebum Mens Underwear Models Update. As Aussibum becomes a more popular and established brand, more and more famous men have been photographed wearing the Aussie underwear label. These guys are either modeling for the brand or are celebrity fans of Aussiebum. Check them out:

Tim Robards of Bachelor Australia is also a Aussiebum-wearing cowboy. At least in the photo below anyway.

aussiebum mens underwear models - tim robards

Canadian actor and model Zane Holtz in Aussiebum briefs.

aussiebum mens underwear zane holtz

Rugby player Alex Cheesman wore an Aussiebum underwear in this photoshoot for Rugby’s Finest Calendar.

A shirtless Ronan Keating with a peekabo Aussiebum underwear.


Aussiebum Mens Underwear Models in Briefs and Boxers. Look who’s wearing a pair of Aussiebum underwear? It’s Survivor hunk Jeff Wilson. You’ve got good taste in your undies, Mr. Wilson, you sure have good taste.

aussiebum mens underwear model jeff wilson

Want to see more male models wearing Aussiebum undies? Check out the posts below which we earlier published as individual blog entries.

Aussiebum’s Daily Underwear: MyDay Briefs at Selfridge’s
19 September 2010

What would you think if you’re on a date with a guy one Friday evening and then when the time came for you to “dance between the sheets”, he gets rid of his pants and you see his underwear that reads “Friday”. Kind of silly, right? But it’s that silliness that Australian underwear brand, Aussiebum is tapping into because it designed underwear for each day of the week. They’re obviously targeting the OCD demographic with their MyDay product line.

It is a brilliant move to sell more undies for, after all, you ain’t gonna buy a “Monday” underwear without buying the whole set are you? Anyhoo, check out these male models parading their Aussiebum underwear at the Selfridge’s department store in London.

Boy, these models sure have the nicest behinds, no?

aussiebum mens underwear models at selfridges

Want more men in briefs? Or maybe you’re more interested in more men in Aussiebum briefs like Kirk Norcross (of The Only Way is Essex) or Czech hottie Dolph Lambert.

Aussiebum Underwear Model: Dakota
02 May 2009

Behold this dude in his dark blue Aussiebum underwear. He’s got nice ab muscles, he’s got nice hair (which we’d love to wash and comb over), and he’s starting to drop his jeans. Oh my God. Are you going to continue watching him? By the way, we were told that this model’s name is Dakota but that’s the only info we’re given. In other words, please don’t ask us Dakota, who? After all, ain’t it enough to just ogle at a male model who’s kind of cute and has well-defined washboard abs?

Aussiebum Mens Underwear Models in Briefs and Boxers. First post on 2 May 2009. Latest update on 24 May 2017.