South Asian Male Models: Shirtless Desi Hunks

South Asian Male Models Shirtless. Want more Desi male models? Of course you do! So check out the hunky shirtless dude above with the most awesome tattoos we’ve ever seen on a model.

What do you think of this model’s tattoos? Pretty cool, eh? We like his navel tattoo the best. But our friend Deena says this guy should stop adding more tattoos because he is close to overdoing it.

south asian male models - desi hunk tattoo

Next, in the pic below, is a Desi hunk modeling in his Calvin Klein briefs underwear. [Sorry, we had to delete the photo.]

Now here’s a guy showing off his big belt buckle (and a hint of what’s inside them jeans)

south asian male models shirtless in jeans

Now, here’s a handsome South Asian male model rocking his ripped jeans. Can you ID the label of his peekabo underwear? The logo looks like a running horse. Or maybe it is a flying eagle. Either way, if you happen to know the label, tell us in the comments.

south asian male model hunks - washboard abs

And finally, we bring you this shirtless South Asian male model with the most awesome of abs. Does he have the most perfect six-pack washboard abs or what?

south asian male model washboard abs

So these, our friends, are our Desi male models of the day. Unfortunately, we are clueless on who these guys are. If you happen to know their names, please ID them in the comments because we’d like to identify them properly in the future.


Desi Male Model in White Long John Thermal Underwear

Want more photos of men in long john underwear? Huh! Who doesn’t? Okay, here’s a cute Desi male model in his white long thermal underwear.

Is this guy the hairiest man alive? Seriously, those with a thing for men with hairy chests will give this model a score of 10 in a scale ranging from one to 10 with 10 being the highest. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photo.]