Grady Sizemore Underwear iPhone Selfies, Shirtless Photos, Girlfriend

Grady Sizemore 2020 Update. Whatever happened to the baseball player who wowed us ten years ago with his selfie photos? Apparently, Grady is retired from baseball now but he continues to be very much involved in the sport because he currently serves as an an advisor to Cleveland Indians player development department.

So what’s Grady’s relationship status at the moment? Does he have a girlfriend? Or did he tie the knot with a lucky girl who’d make an honest man of him. Or is he still single and available? Apparently, he was once engaged to Brittany Binger — the former Playboy model we mentioned in our original post below — but they called off their engagement. We can’t find any more information about Grady’s status at this point and we are assuming that he is open for the taking. Hehe. Anyhoo, here’s Grady and Brittany when they were still together.

grady sizemore wife wedding girlfriend brittany dinger

Grady Sizemore Underwear iPhone Selfies, Shirtless Photos, and Girlfriend. Want to take a peek at Grady Sizemore’s underwear? Did whoever invent the iPhone ever imagine that his/her invention would encourage men to take photos of themselves au natural? Like Grady Sizemore, center fielder for the Cleveland Indians, for instance. First, he’s in his suit and tie which is innocent enough.

grady sizemore iphone photos

Then he strips to what looks like a thermal longjohns underwear. Want more men in long johns underwear?

grady sizemore shirtless selfie

Then he goes, “Heck, I’ve already shown them my longjohn undies, maybe I should show them by tight briefs too.” Which he does to the delight of girls (and guys) who love ogling at pics like these. [Oops, sorry. We deleted the briefs pic because it is too scandalous. Hehe.]

grady sizemore underwear iphone selfie naked photos

UPDATE: How did these Grady Sizemore underwear selfies end up on the internet? Well, according to news reports, some “enterprising” girl named Leah Ayers hacked the email account of Grady’s girlfriend and stole the photos. Here’s what the baseball hunk said about what happened: “This is a private matter. I never intended for any of this to get out. I hate to have to put everybody through this, but in the end it just wasn’t meant to come out. It was meant for me and my girlfriend and it just happened to work out the way it did.”

Grady adds: “You always have to be careful, but this was something that was stolen out of an e-mail account. It wasn’t like we intended for these pictures to go anywhere. We weren’t flying them anywhere. We weren’t showing them to friends. This was stolen out of an e-mail account.”

The hacker was charged in 2010 with two counts of unauthorized computer access which is a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota. She will have to face the consequences of her act. By the by, Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend is a model named Brittany Binger who once was a Playboy cover girl. They are no longer an item.

grady sizemore girlfriend

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