Vaser Liposuction Good or Bad? Effective? Side Effects?

Vaser Liposuction Good or Bad? Effective? Side Effects? Is Vaser Liposuction the solution to your love handles that just won’t go away? Is it the next big thing in the cosmetic surgery arena? Who of our favorite celebrities have undergone this Vaser thingie?

Well, we don’t have any answer to these questions but here’s an interesting story (via Daily Mail) by Carla McKay who underwent the procedure.

She says, “Like everyone else, I laughed incredulously at images of ageing Hollywood stars with their ugly trout pouts and scarily lopsided faces.However, after some research, I realised that things have moved on in the cosmetic surgery world and there were all kinds of new techniques for enhancing one’s appearance which don’t involve knives or general anaesthetics. My new obsession led me to YouTube, where I watched a film of a large lump of lard floating in a glass of water. A hand appeared with a sort of swizzle stick and after a moment the lard dissolved. I had to have that stick.”

Carla adds, “It turned out to be a promotional film for Vaser Liposuction, a patented technology which uses the gentle power of ultrasound to burst fat cells in just about any part of your body. Apparently, this liquefied fat can then be easily and safely sucked out to produce instant results – or as the film’s American presenter promises, ‘a smokin’ hot bod’! At 58, the smokin’ hot bod I could live without, but the thought of being able to wear jeans that didn’t have fleshcoloured jelly spilling over the waistband was very appealing indeed. But could it really just be ‘waved’ away?”

Anyhoo, to cut the long story short, Carla had the surgery and here’s her before and after photos.

vaser liposuction good or bad side effects - before and after

She does look kinda awesome in the “after” photo, no? But unless she’s made to dress in the same clothes and pose in the same manner as her original photo its kind of hard to really judge the effect of this procedure.

vaser liposuction effective or not - before and after

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