Sybill Hill: Jonn F. Kennedy Jr’s Self-Proclaimed Mistress

Sybill Hill, John F. Kennedy Jr’s self-proclaimed mistress sullies his memory by blabbing to the National Enquirer. Ugh. And she’s reportedly gonna write a memoir too. Ugh. Ugh. What’s up with these people who hook up with celebrities and who then tattle about their bedroom calisthenics. Shameless.

Here’s Sybill talking about JFK Jr. (via the National Enquirer): I met John Kennedy on Jan. 6, 1991, at the Moondance Diner on 6th Avenue. I walked in with a boyfriend when a gorgeous-looking man in a baseball cap pointed out a vacant table. I remember thinking ‘He looks just like John Kennedy Jr.!’ We were across the restaurant but we couldn’t stop staring at each other.

“When my date went to the bathroom, I went up to him and we chatted. Before my date came back, John wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me. He blushed when the waitress told him, ‘That’s your check, I need that.’ He found another piece of paper, wrote ‘John’ on it and a phone number.
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