Old Men Fashion Style Watch: Leather Jacket, Suits, and Jeans

Old Men Fashion Style Watch: Leather Jacket, Suits, and Jeans. Today in Older Men’s Fashion Watch (hmm, maybe we should really make a category about older men’s fashion, eh?) we bring you CNN host Larry King looking dapper in his shiny leather jacket.

old men fashion style watch - larry king

Oh, by the way, check out Larry King’s wife Shawn Southwick having fun in her red dress. Larry was there having fun with her of course. We give them props for having a sense of humor.

Want another old guy who rocks his leather jackets? Check out our post on Pierce Brosnan Leather Jacket. But before you do that, here are the sartorial styles of some of our favorite older male celebrities.

It’s short parts, loose white shirt, and a Sperry Men’s Top-Sider Authentic Original shoes for Arnold Schwarzenegger when he goes walking.

The Governator really loves him his short pants and white shirt combo, doesn’t he? This time however, he’s wearing a pair of Nike shoes.

old men fashion style nike shoes

Wondering what to wear when you are going to marry off your daughter? Why not do a Bill Clinton and wear a Burberry suit by Christopher Bailey. Too expensive? Any suit will actually do so long as it is the right fit for you.

old men fashion style mens suit by burberry bill clinton

Before the wedding, the former President went uber-casual in jeans and a polo shirt when he met the “commoner” well-wishers of her daughter.

old men fashion style bill clinton jeans

Of course, older guys can wear jeans. In fact one of the royalties of Hollywood, Clint Eastwood, looks cool in his denims. He’s wearing a J Brand jeans in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine.

old men fashion style clint eastwood jeans

And it’s another blue denims for the Dirty Harry star in the GQ Mag cover. He’s wearing a J45 Cotton Linen Armani Jeans.

old men fashion style armani jeans

Should older guys wear Ed Hardy shirts? Of course, why should they not? Check out Sylvester Stallone rocking his Ed Hardy.

old men fashion style ed hardy shirt

Tell him older guys should not wear Ed Hardys and you’ll get a kick in the ass. It’s going to be a well-deserved kick too.

Stallone may be in his mid-60s but he’s proven that he can still pack cinemas with his latest movie, The Expendables. He’s also proven that older dudes can look badass and hawt in a Ray-Ban 3029 Outdoorsman Aviator Sunglasses.

old men fashion style rayban

Let’s end this post on Old Men Fashion Style with the man we started it, that is, with the awesome workhorse that is Larry King.

old men fashion style converse shoes

We gotta give this guy a medal for his work ethics because he kept on working and working and working until he reached the ripe old year of 77. Doesn’t he look cool in his sports jacket, straight-cut denim pants, and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Lo-Top Shoes?

Old Men Fashion Style Watch: Leather Jacket, Suits, and Jeans. Posted 25 January 2010. Updated 2 June 2017.