Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps: Sandra Bullock’s Celebrity Shoes

Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps: Sandra Bullock. Despite her fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes, Sandra Bullock is not too proud to beg Ryan Reynolds to marry her in The Proposal. Here’s a closer look at Sandra’s Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps. Pretty gorgeous, isn’t it? No wonder Deena is dreaming of buying a pair for herself.

Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps Sandra Bullock

Meantime, for more celebrity fashion style from the same The Proposal movie, check out Ryan Reynolds’ Loomstate military jacket.

Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps The Proposal


Celebrities in Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps
11 August 2011

Of course Sandra Bullock isn’t only girl in Hollywood who wears Christian Louboutin mini bout pumps. In fact, a lot of celebs do and a lot of them are A-Listers like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker. Check out these Christian Louboutin-wearing celebrity gals below:

Lady Gaga: The outrageous singer and fashion icon kept it normal this time in a mini-dress, an attention-getting headress (but then again, everything about the fair Lady is attention-getting, right?), and a pair of Christian Louboutin mini bout pumps oh-so-ready to kick ass.

Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps lady gaga

Carmen Electra: The babe of the ’80s Carmen Electra is still rocking it, isn’t she? Was this pic taken from Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show on CBS? We’re loving Carmen’s red Louboutin pumps.

Michelle Hunziker: Some of you may not be familiar with Michelle Hunziker but she’s famous in the heart of Europe particularly Switzerland and its neighboring countries. The Swiss TV actress, model, and singer is looking chic in her black dress which she paired with a black Christian Louboutin ‘Mini Bout’ Pumps.

Paris Hilton: The always “modely” reality star and hotel heiress that is Paris Hilton went all-red on the red carpet. For once, we are loving her look.

Vanessa Minillo: Beauty queen, model, actress, and television host Vanessa Minillo went for an all-black ensemble: little black dress, black Rebecca Minkoff Supernova C Ya Later Bag, and a black Christian Louboutin “Mini Bout” Pumps. It’s simple and classy and lovely to look at.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The Sex and the City star is born to wear a Christian Louboutin shoes. That’s all we’re going to say about that. We’re pretty sure you agree too.

Anyhoo, who of the celebrities above is rocking her Christian Louboutin pumps the best? Did you say Carmen Electra? We agree with you a hundred percent.