Ty Burrell Gay-Kissing Bill Hader, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Ty Burrell Gay-Kissing Bill Hader, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Is Ty Burrell gay? Yes he most definitely is! He sure got kissy-kissy with Bill Hader. In fact, according to reports, they didn’t just go kissy-kissy they went all out making sweet sweet manlove that would make Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar proud. Oh wait, this actually did not happen in real life. Sure it happened but they were doing it for a movie.

Watch the video. Update: Sorry, video deleted at source. But here are screencaps.

ty burrell bill hader gaykiss - skeleton twins-2

These two don’t know how to quit each other.

ty burrell gay kiss with bill hader - brokeback daddies

Bill and Ty sitting on a tree, K..I..S..S..I..N..G!!!

ty burrell gay kiss with bill hader - skeleton twins

Good thing the bed is right there, no? Brokeback Daddies, anyone?

ty burrell bill hader lovemaking

These images are from the 2014 movie, The Skeleton Twins, where Bill and Ty play reunited ex-lovers. Unfortunately, the kiss and the lovemaking scene didn’t make the final cut because the director, Craig Johnson, didn’t like the way the shoot turned out.

He tells USA Today: “Quite frankly, I didn’t like the way I directed the scene. Bill and Ty were wonderful but I didn’t shoot it in a way that reflected the intimacy of the moment. Director amateur hour. I take full responsibility. Lucky for me, the movie didn’t require us seeing them kiss. We find out that the two characters spent the night together in a later scene, so we could cut the kiss and still have everything make sense. But it would have been nice to see it!”

From Ty Burrell gay-kissin’ his co-star, let’s now check out this pic which we are re-publishing specifically for those of you googling “Ty Burrell shirtless” photos. You know who you are! Hehe.

ty burrell shirtless

What’s the Ty Burrell underwear preference? Apparently, he likes to wear boxer shorts. Well, at least in this photo anyway. If you have any photos of our imaginary daddy-boyfriend in briefs or boxer briefs, do send it out way so we will include them here :-)

ty burrell underwear - boxers

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