Ryan Reynolds Jacket: Loomstate Military Jacket in The Proposal Movie

Ryan Reynolds Jacket: Loomstate Military Jacket in The Proposal Movie. You loved Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal movie, didn’t you? Well, who didn’t? Everybody loves Ryan. Of course, like us, we are pretty sure that you also love his fashion style whether in the movie or in real life.

For those of you wondering, he was wearing a Loomstate military jacket in the screencapped images below. But first, here’s a closer look at a Loomstate military jacket:

ryan reynolds jacket loomstate proposal

And here’s our Canadian actor wearing his Loomstate jacket:

ryan reynolds jacket proposal movie

brands of ryan reynolds jacket

With Sandra Bullock.

ryan reynolds loomstate military jacket

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military style winter jackets

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military jackets for men

We love this camouflage coat. It effin rocks.

Military long coat, anyone? Does it remind you of World War II movies?

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Military Style Jacket + Shirts by Gucci: Spring Menswear Collection. Move over Mr. Brad Pitt and Mr. Ryan Reynolds, you ain’t the only dudes around here who’s got themselves a military-style outfits. In fact, these guys have a classier jacket + shirts than you. Hehehe.

Oh, and they have bags too! You don’t have Gucci bags, do you Mr. Pitt and Mr. Reynolds? Joking!

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