Zach Villa Wife, Girlfriend, Shirtless – AHS 1984

Zach Villa Wife, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos and Other Stuff. Famewatchers, say hello to Zach Villa who is currently starring as Richard Ramirez on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story 1984. Our guy has several credits to his name on IMDB but his American Horror Story: 1984 gig is, to date, his meatiest role where he plays a major character.

zach villa richard ramirez - ahs 1984 - american horror story

Want to know more about Zach Villa? Well, read on for some more interesting stuff about him.

He is a triple threat. Aside from acting, he also knows how to sing and dance. Currently, Zach is a part of a band called Sorry Kyle and before that he and Evan Rachel Wood formed a duo band called Rebel and a Basketcase.

He graduated from The Julliard School in NYC. Zach attended the acting program in Julliard which, of course, is probably the best school in the world for the performing arts. Before college, he went to the Interlochen Arts Academy which is a fine arts boarding high school in Michigan.

He taught himself how to play instruments. He plays several instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums which he learned on his own.

zach villa singer guitarist

He learned to dance in his mother’s dance studio. Zach may be less known as a dancer (compared to being a singer or an actor) but he actually learned to dance first before acting or singing. According to a recent MTV article, he actually started dancing when he was only two years old when his mom enrolled him in a dancing class as an alternative to daycare. Good call, mom!

He went on to win a dance competition at the Iowa State Fair. Here’s a GIF of him tap dancing during the fair.

zach villa dancing - iowa state fair

You want another GIF of Zach doing the moves? Consider your wish granted!

zach villa tap dancing - iowa state fair

You want the whole video? Of course you do. Check it out.

He really, really likes his AHS gig and calls it the best job he’s ever had. Here’s Zac talking about his role (via A lot of my friends have been asking, ‘Are you just so stoked about the role? What’s your favorite part about the job?’ Or, ‘You just must be so stoked about the role!’ And I am, make no mistake. Ryan Murphy, if you’re listening, this is the best job, and the best creative outlet I’ve had, and it’s amazing. Am I excited about the role? Yes. Am I excited to wake up every morning and know that I have a purpose, and all of my talents, and all of the things that I bring to the table as an artist are being fired, and used, and called upon on a daily basis, and that I feel sharp in the morning? That’s the most satisfying part, that I feel used.

Zach Villa Gay or Straight? He is straight but he played a gender fluid character in the 2016 indie movie Honeyglue. Here’s Zach looking fabulous in said movie. Looks like he can give them Rupaul’s Drag Race girls a run for their money, no?

zach villa gay or straight - honeyglue

Zach Villa Girlfriend or Wife. We don’t know what his relationship status is at the moment but we’ll update this post when we find out. However, he did use to date Evan Rachel Wood. In fact, they announced their engagement back in 2016 but called it off a year later. Here’s a pic of the two, pre-breakup, taken during a red carpet event.

zach villa wife girlfriend evan rachel wood

Zach Villa Shirtless Photos. Look at you being thirsty for Zackie (yeah, we’re calling him that). Well, here’s a shirtless pic of him screencapped from the aforementioned Honeyglue movie.

zach villa shirtless

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