Zach Gilford Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Shirtless Photos of Zach Gilford. Zach Gilford is starring in an upcoming movie, The Purge: Anarchy, so let’s do a post about his shirtlessness in the other movies and TV projects he starred in. That’s Zach above as high school football hunk in the critical TV show, Friday Night Lights (which starred our favorite TV hottie of all time, Kyle Chandler).

zach gilford shirtless hunk

Zach also appeared shirtless in the 2006 horror movie, The Last Winter.

zach gilford body - in The Last Winter

Oh wait, he didn’t just go shirtless in said movie, he actually went buck nekkid in front of the camera.

zach gilford naked - The Last Winter

A shirtless Zach in an episode of the TV series, Off the Map.

zach gilford no shirt - off the map

And here’s another one from another TV series, The Mob Doctors.

shirtless zach gilford - mob doctors

Directors sure like to have Zach act without his shirt, the next pic below is from the 2012 movie In Our Nature.

zach gilford shirtless body - in our nature

Zach with Ashley Springer in the the 2009 romantic movie, Dare, where their characters (Ben and Johnny respectively) go gay for each other.

zach gilford gay kiss - with co-star Ashley Springer in Dare

Oh wait, actually Zach’s character is not gay, according to Zach in an interview with Here’s an excerpt where he talks about the character he plays, Johnny Drake:

As an actor, you need to know where he’s coming from and, in the movie it’s ambiguous whether he’s gay, straight, bisexual, or possibly asexual because it’s almost not about the sex. So what was your decision as an actor?

Zach: Well, I think I was—I think me and Adam [Salky] both kind of felt he was totally a straight kid; it was just—so I think Adam and I, the director, were both on the same page that he really was straight and the sexual acts that he goes through, performs—I don’t know, are really just—you know, with Ben, he’s just doing it because he cares about Ben, and he feels that’s what he needs. And to him it’s just like—it’s the same as giving him a pat on the back. You know, in a really twisted way, but that’s the point he’s gotten to where he’s willing to do these things because he feels that’s what people need, and he so desperately wants to be connected to people that he’s convinced that that’s normal.

Here’s the video version of the Zach and Ashley scene:

Is Zach Gay or Straight? He is straight and is married to actress Kiele Sanchez. The denizens of thinks that he is “quite straight”:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Zach Gilford: According to 70 visitors Zach Gilford is 54% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Zach Gilford is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Zach Gilford Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Unfortunately the only underwear photo we can find of Zach is this one:

zach gilford underwear sighting

Oh wait, actually he’s wearing boxer shorts in this pool scene from Dare.

zach gilford shirtless - with co-star Ashley Springer in Dare

Want more shirtless Hollywood hunks? You should go check out the shirtless Pip Andersen who is soon to hit it big with his casting in Star Wars Episode VII.

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