Hot Malaysian Male Models: Hansen Lee, Henry Golding, Kevin Zahri

Hot Malaysian Male Models: More! More! More! We know you want to ogle at more hot guys from Malaysia so we are bringing you more! We begin with our latest imaginary beau Danial Hansen who was crowned as Mr. Supranational Malaysia in May this year. Check him out modeling for Baju Melayu:

hot malaysian male models danial hansen2

And here’s him in his white Emporio Armani briefs which we, unfortunately, had to crop because we want to remain in the good graces of Grandma Akita. Hehe.

hot malaysian male models danial hansen

Next up is Aaron Aziz who, aside from modeling, is also an established actor in Malaysia. To date, he starred in a total of 41 movies and TV shows per IMDB. He’s won several awards for his acting too!

hot malaysian male models aaron aziz

Next up in our list of Hot Malaysian Male Models is Mohdsyazwan Ismail who’s seen rocking the leather pants look when he participated in the 2020 Misters of Malaysia pageant.

hot malaysian male models mohdsyazwan ismail

Finally, check out Fattah Amin looking dapper in his tuxedo suit. Like Aaron above, Fattah is also an established actor who, to date, has appeared in nine acting projects.

hot malaysian male models fattah amin

Hot Malaysian Male Models: Hansen Lee, Henry Golding, Kevin Zahri (8 August 2009). Not all models have six-pack ab muscles so its kinda cool to see this guy with them. You’re wondering how Hansen Lee got his six-pack? Simple, he must have been working out in the gym.

hot malaysian male model hansen lee

Want more Malaysian male models? Check out Kevin Zahri [see below] and Derrick Tee [see ].

Hunky Malaysian Guys: Kevin Zahri. Malaysian male model Kevin Zahri is a fitness jock who’s written books on health and fitness. How cool is that? He’s also a sought after public speaker who did some hosting for a Malaysian TV show. Kevin’s modeling gigs include appearing in advertisements for multinational brands such as Nissan, Samsung and Sony.

hot malaysian male models kevin zahri

Hot Men from Malaysian: Henry Golding Want more hot Malaysian hunks? We give you Henry Golding who, according to Ena Photography, is Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor for 2009. How hot is that? Very hot indeed. And it’s a title that he definitely deserves after all, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only bachelorette who’ve got the hots for Henry, huh? Come on, tell us we’re not the only ones dreaming of unzipping his jeans. Hehehe.

hot canadian male model henry golding

Anyhoo, here are more modeling photos of our golden Henry. Photos courtesy of Ena Photography.

hot malaysian male models henry golding

hot male malaysian models henry golding grass

We love the next photo the best!

Henry Golding modeling photos

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