Toni Kroos Shirtless Footballer: Gay or Girlfriend?

Toni Kroos Shirtless Football Hunk. Let us add the hunky hunk hunk that is Toni Kroos to our list of hot German men. Check him out looking cool during a recent vacation in Ibiza.

toni kroos shirtless in ibiza

And here’s another Toni Kroos shirtless photo with Real Madrid pals Sergio Ramos and Pepe (aka K├ępler Laveran Lima Ferreira). Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub.

toni kroos body with sergio ramos and pepe

Ordinarily, we ain’t attracted to men wearing lederhosen but Toni looks oh-so-cute and oh-so-delectable in his lederhosen outfit so we are going to make an exemption for him. Hehe. Seriously, he is the best-looking famous guy to have ever worn lederhosen, isn’t he?

toni kroos lederhosen

Is Toni Kroos Gay or Straight? With his plaid pants and V-neck shirt, he may look gay in the next pic below but our 26 year-old midfielder is actually straight.

toni kroos gay or straight

This fashion is soooo gay!!!

As we were saying, Toni Kroos is as straight as an arrow and, in fact, he’s got a partner/wife. Check out the lovebirds from their Ibiza vacation.

toni kroos girlfriend wife jessica farber

Who is the lucky lady, you ask? Her name is Jessica Farber. A report, from two years ago, tells us that she is 24 years old (so she must be 26 now), is studying tourism (maybe she graduated already), and is a full time mom to her and Toni’s boy (who they named Leon). Oh, and Toni and Jessica have been dating since forever. We’re not sure if they tied the knot; we can’t find any report on their wedding but the football hunk refers to Jessica as his wife on his Instagram posts (follow him @toni.kr8s).

Let’s end this post with another Toni Kroos shirtless pic, shall we?

toni kroos with felix kroos and leon in ibiza

The boy is Toni’s son, Leon. And the other dude is Toni’s brother, Felix Kroos, who is also a pro football star. Felix currently plays for Union Berlin (on loan from Werder Bremen).

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