Shirtless Patrick Chan: Canada’s Figure Skating Hunk

Are you disappointed in us for not including the gorgeous Patrick Chan in our list of Shirtless Figure Skaters? Well, you are right to be disappointed but we didn’t include him because we wanted to do a post dedicated to our imaginary figure skating boyfriend. Yeah, we’re calling him our imaginary boyfriend. Go ahead, get jealous. Haha.

patrick chan sexy ice skating champ

Patrick Chan Girlfriend. In real life though, our Patrick actually has a girlfriend. Her name is Tess Johnson. She is reportedly a fashion designer. And she is the daughter of Patrick’s coach, Kathy Johnson. Here’s a photo of Tess we grabbed from

patrick chan girlfriend - tess johnson - fashion designer pic from amorium

In an interview with the Toronto Star published last year, Patrick talks about dating his coach’s daughter:

“I went with Kathy before I met Tess,” he told the Star on Sunday. “It’s not like Kathy planned it out that way, like she wanted me to start dating her daughter. People falling in love with each other is uncontrollable. Honestly, the minute I get on the ice, that’s a separate part of my life.”

Another girl who once dated Patrick is Canadian speed skater Anastasia Bucsis who, interestingly, recently came out as a gay woman during Calgary Pride last September this year.

Shirtless Patrick Chan. But enough with Patrick’s girls because we know you are more interesting in his shirtless photos. So here you go, Chanatics. Hey, did we just invent a name for Patrick’s fans or is someone using “Chanatics” already?

How cute is our Patrick?

shirtless patrick chan - figure skating hunk

Awww. Is he doing “the Egyptian”?

patrick chan body

Does he need to bulk up? Nah! Not at all.

patrick chan no shirt

Who wants to spend an evening in candlelight with a shirtless Patrick Chan? Raise your hand and join the long queue.

sexy patrick chan - figure skating

These still photos are actually grabbed from a video of our figure skating champion doing a photoshoot in 2010. The shirtlessness starts on the 55-second mark. Have fun watching.

Is Patrick Chan Gay or Straight? A lot of people assume that figure skaters are gay so we’re not surprised that some are asking the “is Patrick Chan gay” question. Well, he answered the question four years ago in 2009. From

He is on top of his world. But, all that does is make him an easier target. Being a guy and being a figure skater with an artistic bent can go together like ketchup and cream.

“I’m not gay,” says Chan.

Not that there would be anything wrong if he were — but it’s the assumption that people make when they watch him perform that is irksome.

Chan is 18, dealing with all the questions associated with those teen years, and the nudge-nudge, wink-wink mentality — particularly from his peer group — is irritating.

“You can’t determine someone’s sexuality by how they skate,” he said this weekend at a pre-season workshop in Toronto. “I’ve heard the hockey mentality with guys saying: ‘Oh, he’s gay!’ But what you do on the ice and what a person is off the ice can be totally different.”

So there you go Famewatchers, stop that nudge-nudge and wink-wink you’re doing. We wish Patrick luck in the Sochi Olympic Games and we hope he’ll add an Olympic medal to his bag of achievements which, to date, include three gold medals from the World Championships, two gold medals from the Four Continents Championships, and two gold medals from the Grand Prix Finals.