Real Female Firefighters Calendar From Around the World

Real Female Firefighters Calendar From Around the World. You want more gorgeous female firefighters gracing your calendar? Of course you do! Which is why we are updating this post we published back in 2013 to bring you more trailblazers in the calendar game. This time however, our models are from other parts of the world and not the UK which was the focus of our original post.

Anyhoo, let’s begin this update with these Canadian firefighters from Windsor in the Great White North aka Good Cold Canada. Unfortunately, CTV News ( did not name these models but like other firefighters who posed for calendars in the past, these two are helping to raise funds for charity. Specifically, the proceeds of the 2023 Windsor Firefighters Calendar will support the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society.

real female firefighters calendar 2023 - windsor canada

Next up in our female firefighter calendar models is Danae Mines who, in 2015, was the first ever woman to be featured in the FDNY Calendar. Yay for Danae!!! According to the NY Daily News, the funds raised through the calendar will “go directly to the FDNY Foundation to promote fire safety education for residents and provide equipment and training for firefighters”.

real female firefighters calendar - fdny first in 2015 Danae Mines

Last but not the least of our Real Female Firefighter Calendar Models is Tara Grace who will appear in the December page of the 2023 Houston Fire Fighters Calendar. The proceeds of this project will go to the Burned Children’s initiative.

real female firefighters calendar 2023 - Houston Fire Fighters Calendar - tara grace

Real Female Firefighters Calendar: United Kingdom (17 December 2012). After bringing you the German Beefcake Dresden University Male Student Calendar, we think we should balance things out by doing a post for the boys.

We know our posts here at Famewatcher tend to be what our friend Deena calls “male beauty appreciation centric” but we do regularly (okay, make that occasionally) write about “female beauty appreciation”.

Anyhoo, like other calendar projects we featured in the past, the proceeds of the Fire Girls 2013 Calendar is intended for charity particularly the Cancer Research UK and the Firefighters Charity. Do help the cause by buying yourself a copy. You can buy one on eBay for £6. Not a bad deal, eh? Again, it’s for a cause so we should all support these girls.

Famewatchers, meet Ms. November Firefighter Claire Morton. We love, love, lover her badassness (or badassity?). Way to go, girlfriend!

real female firefighters - november 2013 - claire morton

Firefighter Angie Thorp is obviously not afraid of water.

real female firefighters calendar 2013 - angie thorp

Fleur Doyle quenches her thirst after a hard day’s work of fighting fire.

real female firefighters calendar claire morton

Frankie Salerno is about to unroll some big red hose.

female firefighters calendar 2013 - Frankie Salerno

Ms. May Firefighter Jade Styan is just as ready as the other girls. She will use that ax if needed to save a damsel in distress (or whatever is the male equivalent of “damsel in distress”).

Off topic: We’re told that there is no consensus on the male equivalent of a damsel in distress. So far, the suggestions we got from the internet are Dude in Distress and Mansel in Distress which both sound okay.

real female firefighters calendar - Jade Styan - miss may

Another female firefighter who’s willing to help a damsel (or a mansel) in distress is Nicole Hallat. She ain’t gonna back down from climbing that ladder if it means saving someone. Our friend Kevin says Nicole is his favorite among these real female firefighters.

british female firefighters calendar - Nicole Hallat

Sally Stark and the dalmatian she saved from Cruella de Vil test the fire hydrant if it is proper working order. There’s nothing more tragic than a fire hydrant that has no water, no?

real female firefighters calendar - british - sally stark

As you may already know, firefighters are not only about fighting fire. Like Sarah McCarthy in the pic below, they are also out there helping people during floods and other kinds of natural or human-made disaster.

real female firefighters calendar - Sarah McCarthy

So do you have a favorite among these real female firefighters? For more calendar projects featuring the fairer sex, check out our posts on British Army Wives Calendar as well as these Sexy Young Farmers Club Farm Girls.

real female fire fighters - real awesome girls

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