Garrison Girls: British Army Wives in 2010 Calendar

British Army Wives on Garrison Girls Calendar. To raise money for charity, a group of military wives are posing au natural for a calendar that recreates World War II vintage photos. Props to Sarah Bennett Thurston for dreaming of and implementing this project.

british army wives garrison girls

Says Sarah, whose husband Paul serves in the Army, on the British Army wives Garrison Girls Calendar:

‘I just wanted to do something positive as a military wife. ‘It can be very very hard. It is hell waiting for the phone to ring. So there is a really strong bond of cameraderie between women involved in the military. The main thing is that the Garrison Girls represent all services, all ranks, all units, we are all in this together. We are not WAGs. People are quick to stereotype but we’re all military wives with 32 children between us. Having the photos taken was bizarre, everyone was nervous but you just get into it and it’s really exciting.’

And what do the wives’ husbands think of this? Miss November Chrissie Cox gives us the answer: ‘My husband said he was very proud of what I was doing and I’m always telling him how proud I am of the work he does.’
garrison girls army wives calendar2

You go, girls!

By the way, the income from this British Army Wives calendar project is meant to help soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. Here’s what the group says about their mission:

Garrison Girls is on a mission to raise £5million to set up a retreat where we can offer treatment and support to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers and their families. We will be one of the first places in the UK to do this. . Its focus is on supporting Military PTSD sufferers and their families; treating the family as a whole unit. The retreat will be able to offer a wide range of treatments to help them recover and overcome the trauma they have experienced.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the success of the Garrison Girls.

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