Plus Size Bikini Swimwear – Two Piece – Models and Brands

Plus Size Bikini Swimwear: Two-Piece Models and Brands. Let’s continue blogging about plus size fashion by focusing, this time around, on plus size swimwear. For our first installment on plus size fashion, go check out our earlier post on plus size jeans.

What brands make plus size bikini swimwear for women? And who, among your favorite models, are rocking their two-piece swimsuits? Find out the answers below:

1. Leah Kelly rocks her bikini from the Robyn Lawley swimwear collection.


2. Vicky P models a two-piece from the H&M plus size swimwear collection.


3. Like Vicky above, Jennie Runk‘s bikini swimsuit is from the H&M Collection.

Plus Size Swimwear Model Jennie Runk - Two Piece - HM Collection

Jennie is the first plus size model to be the face and body of the H&M swimwear collection. Here’s what she says of her experience modeling for the retail store (via Cosmopolitan Magazine):

Cosmo: What was the process of being cast in the H&M shoot like?
I was happy to be shooting swimwear. It’s one of my favorite things to shoot. I’m actually terrified of being in the ocean, so it’s a really powerful feeling to be able to put that fear on a shelf and walk out into the waves anyway.

Battling the current, the bright sunlight, and my fear of the ocean to get those shots was a huge accomplishment. I had no idea they’d receive so much publicity. I think my courage really came across in the photos, and I like that. It translates into a fearlessness of wearing a bikini at any size, which is a fearlessness I wish every woman can feel. Honestly, what I looked like in a bikini was the last thing on my mind. I was much more focused on not getting knocked over by a wave!

4. Robyn Lawley wearing a piece from her own swimwear collection.


The plus-size model from Australia decided to launch her own swimwear collection since she can’t find any swimwear out there that suits her.

Guess who loved Robyn’s swimwear so much she included it in her music video? Today’s hottest diva herself, Beyonce. Here’s a vidcap from her Angel music video:

plus size swimwear - beyonce

5. Mariesther Venegas. This California native began her modeling career in 2010 by joining a model search for Faith 21. She’s now signed with the prestigious modeling agency Heffner Management in Seattle.


6. Jada Sezer, Shareefa J, Robyn Lawley and blogger Gabi Gregg recreate a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo. The four models are wearing pieces by Swimsuits for All.

plus size swimwear models - swimsuits for all - Robyn Lawley Jada Sezer Shareefa J with blogger Gabi Gregg

7. Whitney Thompson is the only plus size winner of America’s Next Top Model. Since her ANTM gig, she has modeled for the likes of JC Penney, Forever 21, Torrid, Converse One Star, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Pure Energy/Target.


That’s it for now, fellow SwimwearWatchers! Want more plus size fashion?