Peyton Manning Hair Transplant: Does He Need One?

Peyton Manning Hair Transplant: Does He Need One? Let’s continue blogging about NFL footballers and their hair, shall we? This time, let’s focus on one of the greatest footballers of them all – Peyton Manning.

Unlike his Denver Broncos teammate Wes Welker (who had a hair transplant and was willing to talk about it) and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (who is most likely keeping the baldness at bay with the help of Rogaine), our Peyton appears to be content with his current hair situation.

Or is he? What about these before and after photos showing a bald Peyton and a hairy Peyton?

peyton manning hair transplant - before and after - photos2

Nah, those are not real. Those are photoshopped images of our football great made by the creative geniuses of to help you imagine Manning as either a half-baldie or as a comb-over model.

Oh wait, check out Peyton as a big-haired 1980s soccer mom. Hehehe. Ain’t she cute?


Okay, HairWatchers, enough with the fun. Let’s get serious and ask the relevant question when it comes to Peyton’s hair: What should he do with it? Maybe have a Peyton Manning hair transplant?

Well, here’s what the current Famewatcher team members are saying:

Deena: Clearly, he is balding. He should follow Wes Welker’s example and get himself a hair transplant. Transplants are much better these days that ten years because they look oh-so-natural.

Kevin: What does he need a transplant for? He’s got a beautiful wife who adores him. He’s got a lovely family. He’s headed to the Football Hall of Fame once he retires. He’ll be written down as one of the football greats. And, most importantly, he’s got millions and millions of dollars! What does he need a transplant for?

Pim: Peyton looks like the kind of guy who will look great when he’s totally bald. Like, you know, Bruce Willis, Mark Strong, Vin Diesel, and Patrick Stewart. He should totally shave his head and make the ladies drool.

Which of the above suggestions should Peyton follow? Or maybe you have a suggestion of your own?

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