Paul Sculfor Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Modeling Photos

Paul Sculfor Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Modeling Photos. We are having fun revisiting and updating these blog posts we wrote a decade ago and this post on Paul Sculfor — who is reputed to be the world’s first male supermodel — is no exception.

Now a hot daddy, we are happy to note that he continues to be active in the modeling and acting world. Didi Hollywood, the movie he starred in our original post below was panned by critics and flopped in the box office but still we give it props for giving us images of Paul making out with a guy. Hehe.

Anyhoo, Paul is married to wife Federica Amati and the couple are now raising a kid together. Here’s a photo taken during their wedding.

paul sculfor wedding federica amati

And here are some of Paul’s modeling photos. First here’s a young Paul Sculfor shirtless pic which we grabbed from the actor/model’s Instagram page (follow him @paulsculfor).

paul sculfor young - shirtless in jeans

An older Paul rocking it in a suit. Want more Hot British Men?

paul sculfor hot male model in suit

What are you thinking Paulie dear?

paul sculfor hot in short shorts

Paul day dreaming.

paul sculfor shirtless body

The above photo as well as the next photos below were described by the Daily Mail as “cringe” which is rich for the most cringe-inducing paper to say.

paul sculfor underwear

Another shirtless pic of the young supermodel. Damn, that’s a smoking hot body.

paul sculfor body smoking hot

Our guy in short shorts.

paul sculfor smoking body

Awww. How cute is he in the next pic below?

paul sculfor underwear model

Check him out posing in an ad for Levis jeans.

paul sculfor levis

The next is a screencap from a Levis commercial he starred in.

paul sculfor levis 501

Paul Sculfor Gay Kiss (30 April 2009). British male model/ actor Paul Sculfor, who’s looking good in his short pants above, does not look like he needs an Equmen Core Precision body slimming shirt for men.

paul sculfor shirtless body

But did he need some lessons in man-kissing when he made out with an older blond dude?

paul sculfor gay kiss

paul sculfor gay kiss didi hollywood

Don’t worry girls, Paul – who once dated the over-rated Jennifer Aniston – didn’t go ghey? These pics are actually from his upcoming movie called Di Di Hollywood. Want more guys making out? Check out Brandon Routh and Justin Long, Lukas Ridgeston and Matt Philippe, and Terrell Carter and Alex Cortez.

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