Men With Chest Hair: Celebrity Edition – Unwaxed, Unshaven, Natural

Men With Chest Hair Celebrity Edition. We are updating this post — a little over seven years later — to give you more famous men with chest hair. Let us start with one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and the world, Pierce Brosnan, who is aging like fine wine in the photo below. He may now be a senior citizen but our Pierce sure is “out-hotting” a lot of them younger Hollywood boys.

men with chest hair - pierce brosnan

Viggo Mortensen. Now, this is one of the hairiest bodies we’ve ever seen. And we are loving it. [Want more celebrity chest hair?]

men with chest hair - viggo mortensen

Mark Harmon. A young mark models a male grooming product. Whatta hairy hunk!

men with chest hair - mark harmon

Penn Badgley. Like the guys above, younger dudes like Penn Badgley can rock the “men with chest hair” look too.

men with chest hair 2017 - penn badgley

Novak Djokovic. Another young dude who looks good even if he leaves his body unshaved or unwaxed is world tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.

men with chest hair 2017 - novak djokovic

So that’s our update on men with chest hair. Anyone, we should have included?

Men With Chest Hair (published 17 December 2009). Today in male celebrity chest hair watch, which is our category for men who hate body waxing or body hair trimming or manscaping or whatever it is that Simon Cowell did to remove his chest hair (the only thing that makes him manly, btw), we bring you Jonathan Smith, a male model who’s standing up for hirsute men in the increasingly un-hirsute world of male modeling.

hot guys with hairy chests jonathan smith

Good for you, Jonathan. Now, would you mind sharing your cake?

men with chest hair are hot

Wanna drink with me, baby?

men with hairy chest 2017 - jonathan smith

Benjamin Millepied: Natalie Portman’s Boyfriend is No Body Waxer. If there’s such a thing as a chest hair model, we’re pretty sure Benjamin Millipied can be one of them. Check out his hairy chest.

men with chest hair - benjamin millepied

So let’s add this French dude to our list of famous men who are not into male body waxing or any kind of body hair removal. Obviously, Benjamin loves him his body hair and maybe that’s what attracted Natalie to him, huh?

UPDATE: Your Comments. Here’s some reactions from you about ghey men and body waxing. Thank you peepz. We stand corrected.

brandan: just wanted to tell you that ghey guys do leave their chests unshaved actually from personal experience, more straight men than ghey men shave

Anonymous: Yeah, for the truly hip gheys, chest hair and beards are all the rage. The chest shavers are the Aber-zombies and spray-tanners, and the rest of us gheys are ashamed of them.

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