Mature Speedo Hunks Rocking Their Swim Trunks

Mature Speedo Hunks Rocking Their Swim Trunks. Of course guys of a certain age can rock and look good in their Speedo swimsuits too. You want proof? Well, here’s a list of ten famous older celebrities who can give the young ones some tough competition in any “lookin good in Speedo” contest. Let us begin our list with weatherman and TV host Sam Champion seen below in his Speedo trunks with husband Rubem Robierb.

mature speedo men - sam champion speedo

Hollywood A-Lister Hugh Jackman in flesh-colored briefs-style Speedo swimsuit.

movie speedo - hugh jackman in wolverine2

Aussie billionaire and Mariah Carey’s boyfriend James Packer.

james packer speedo shirtless 2012

Let’s take a page from the past with this pic of actor Robert Conrad who sure is rocking his red Speedo swim briefs.

mature speedo vintage - robert conrad speedo

Actor Julian McMahon wears a squarecut Speedo suit. Nice!

mature speedo hunks - julian mcmahon

Music gods and rock icons look good in Speedo too. Proof? Here’s Sting in Speedo swimbriefs. [Want more Men in Speedo?]


Vincent Cassel rocks his Speedo during a visit to Rio de Janeiro.


Designer Marc Jacobs in Speedo. Is he still dating adult actor Harry Louis?


Why are men of a certain age getting more comfortable wearing Speedo suits in public places like the beach? Well, Daniel Craig may be the guy who deserves credit for that. When he, as James Bond in Casino Royale, rose from the sea — a-la Ursula Andress — wearing nothing but his squarecut Speedo, it’s like hes’s saying, “Hey older dudes, it’s cool for you to wear a Speedo”.

daniel craig james bond speedo2

But long before Daniel put on his James Bond Speedo, older dudes like Jean Claude Van Damme have been Speedo-wearin’ too so they equally deserve credit.

So what do you think of our list of Mature Speedo Hunks in Swim Trunks? Who of these guys look the best in their swim outfits? And, more importantly, who of them would you bring home to mama should the opportunity come along? Tell us in the comments.

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