Lucien Laviscount Gay or Girlfriend? Boxers or Briefs Underwear?

Lucien Laviscount Gay or Girlfriend? Boxers or Briefs Underwear? Oh my! Let’s thank Ryan Murphy for bringing British hunk Lucien Laviscount to the American telly (as them Brits call it). Lucien is one of them boys we’d be looking out for in Scream Queens which is going to air very soon on Fox.

lucien laviscount boxers or briefs

Known for his starring roles in Coronation Street, our British hottie will be playing the role of Earl Grey on Scream Queens, one of our “must watch” shows this coming fall.

While we are waiting, let’s check out these Lucien Laviscount underwear photos: Apparently, he likes them some boxer shorts. The pic is from Celebrity Big Brother where our Lucien was one of the housemates.

Lucien Laviscount underwear - boxers

Lucien wearing Hom underwear beneath a pair of Diesel pants.

lucien laviscount hot body

Lucien Laviscount Gay or Straight? He is very straight according to the voters of Check out their gaydar rating for the Scream actor: “According to 26 visitors Lucien Laviscount is 48% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Lucien Laviscount is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

However, our Lucien does not mind playing gay roles. In an interview with the Gay Times, he talks about his role as a gay dude in Love Matters Kitten Chic (via Rod Online): “The script was hilarious and I really wanted the part because there are so many twists and turns. I’ve played gay a couple of times before and it’s never a problem. In some shows if you’re playing gay you have to act in an obvious way. But I’ve got a lot of friends who you wouldn’t know if they were gay or straight. And in the end, who gives a f**k? It doesn’t matter. It’s great to play that kind of person; you can have so much more fun when sexuality isn’t obvious and you keep people thinking.”

Now, this photo of Lucien and fellow actor Jon Paul Bell is kinda “gayish”, no?

lucien laviscount gay with jon paul bell

Lucien Laviscount Girlfriend. It does not look like our twentysomething British hottie is dating anyone at the moment but here are the girls he dated (and rumored to have dated) according to Dominique Jackson, Sophie Read, Chloe Green, Amy Childs, Kerry Katona, Chelsee Healy, Dionne Bromfield, and Brooke Vincent. If you happen to know who Lucien is dating now, do tell in the comments. Danke!

Lucien Laviscount Body Workout. Wanna know how our hunk built his body? He tells us some of his workout techniques in this video. Watch:

In an interview with Details Magazine, he reveals that his parents are ex-bodybuilders and that they had a home gym where he started working out. His parents also made sure that the family had a “clean diet”.

From “Growing up, there was no salt in our house, and the only condiment was ketchup. We always ate very clean: chicken and rice or pasta and tuna. I have the most boring taste buds because of that. Rich food doesn’t do it for me. If I’m training, I’ll have three chicken breasts a day and then maybe some tuna mixed in just to take the taste of chicken away. If I could have one tablet in the morning that would serve as my meals—if I could never taste food again—I would do that. Eating is definitely more of a chore for me.”

He adds: “I work out at least five times a week, but never for longer than an hour. After that, your concentration goes. The last thing you want is to remember being bored in the gym. I hate myself when I’m not training, though. The worst thing you can hear is, ‘You look like you’ve lost weight.’ That’s a kick in the nuts.”

Let’s end this post with this magazine pic of Lucien. For those who are wondering, the other hot guy is English actor Danny Young.

lucien laviscount shirtless with danny young

Update: Lucien will be starring on a new The CW show, Katy Keene, where he’ll be playing the role of Alexander Cabot. To celebrate his return to the small screen, here are some shirtless and underwear photos from our hot British actor.

lucien laviscount underwear boxer briefs

lucien laviscount underwear2

Interesting photos, huh?

lucien laviscount underwear

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