Keith Urban Jeans: Levis Blue and Other Brands

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Keith Urban Jeans: Levis Blue and Other Brands. We told you we’re all about male celebrity jeans today, right? So here’s country hitmaker Keith Urban aka Mr. Nicole Kidman rocking his dark blue Levis jeans. Rock it, baby, rock it! Want more male celebrity jeans?

keith urban jeans levis

keith urban levis jeans

Aside from Levis, what other denim brands does our US-based Kiwi country singer like to wear? Not surprisingly, he wears several of them. Check him out performing in his True Religion Flare Leg Jeans in Rolling Thunder. Guess this makes him jeans-buddies with Matthew Morrison who also likes to wear True Religion.

keith urban jeans true religion

The country singer was also photographed wearing a pair of Diesel Jeans particularly this Diesel Zathan 772. [Hah, this makes him jeans-buddies with Zac Efron who was once featured in a mag wearing his Diesel jeans.]

keith urban jeans by diesel

Another denim brand seen on Keith Urban is a fairly new label called 575 Denim. If you’ve never heard of 575 Denim, it’s because the big bad brand that is Levi Strauss and Co, sued it out of business when it was starting to take off.

Levis alleged that 575 Denim, which was becoming popular among celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez and – of course – Keith Urban, was infringing upon its 500 series. Because of the lawsuit 575 Denim lost a lot of money and its founder, Frank Mechaly (who argued that he had no intention to infringe and that 575 is actually derived from his birthday which falls on May 1975) had to settle the case with Levis. In the settlement, he was made to change the name of the brand to MAY75. Sad for him, no? We don’t think he was able to build MAY75 at all and establish it as a brand that 575 Denim was about to become.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to Keith Urban, shall we? Mr. Nicole Kidman rocks his jeans but he also looks pretty cool when he goes formal. Check him out looking cool on the red carpet with his Prada Black two-button tuxedo.

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