Dior Homme Jeans Celebrity Edition: Jude Law, Beckham, Orlando Bloom

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Dior Homme Jeans Celebrity Edition: Jude Law, Beckham, Orlando Bloom. You’ve seen his Number Nine Japanese Jeans, now check out British actor Jude Law go French with a pair of Dior Homme jeans from the popular French menswear label. Nice bag you’ve got up there, Mr. Law! Nice to see Jude signing autographs for his fans.

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Male Celebrities Wearing Dior Homme Jeans (11 August 2010). Aside from Jude Law, we made a list of other male celebrities who wear seen wearing Dior Homme Jeans.

Adam Lambert: The controversial but talented American Idol runner-up is wearing a Dior Homme 17.5 Stretch Deep Jeans and a Rock & Republic Bogart Coat.

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Adam Levine: Hah, here’s another Adam – Maroon 5 lead singer and guitarist Adam Levine – who apparently loves him his Dior Homme Jeans. That V-Neck shirt he’s wearing, for those of you who are wondering about it, is from LnA Clothing.

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David Beckham: For once, Victoria Beckham’s metrosexual husband doesn’t look like he’s all made-up. Looks like he just spent a night of carousing with his buddies. Or maybe he just woke up and didn’t have time to fix himself? Anyhoo, the English footballer is wearing a pair of Dior Homme Distressed Corduroy Jeans.

Mario Dewar Barrett: Grammy-nominated pop and R&B singer Mario Barrett is looking totally shaggable in his Dior Homme 19 CM Brut Jeans. Apparently, he’s a fan of Kanye West’s because he’s also wearing a Kanye West X Louis Vuitton Jaspers Sneakers.

Orlando Bloom: Ahh, Orlando, the golden-haired Legolas who sent many a Lord of the Rings female fans all aquiver with excitement. Ain’t you glad he’s back in The Hobbit movie? Orlando Bloom is wearing a Dior Homme Brut Denim Jeans in the pic below.

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