Juan Pablo Medina Shirtless and Underwear in House of Flowers

Juan Pablo Medina Shirtless and Underwear in House of Flowers. Are any of you, like our Famewatchers Deena and Kevin, fans of Juan Pablo Medina and the character he plays on the Netflix TV series House of Flowers. It’s hard not to fall for the guy because he is a hot zaddy and, as some of you know, we are all about zaddies this year. Hehe.

Not surprisingly, our Mexican-American cutie ain’t just hawt now with his graying hair and all. He was also quite a hottie when he was younger as you can see in his shirtless photo below. As young men often do, he’s giving us a peek at his Calvin Klein underwear too.

juan pablo medina model - young

Now, here’s our Juan Pablo looking cool AF as a hot boy in leather pants. Hmmm, maybe we should include him in our list of celebrities who rock their leather pants? Want more men in leather pants?

juan pablo medina hot boy in leather pants

Juan Pablo Medina Gay in Real Life? Because he effectively plays an older gay man on La Casa De Las Flores, some viewers mistakenly think that our Juan Pablo is a friend of Dorothy in real life.

juan pablo medina homosesual - la casa de papel

The answer: He is actually a straight man and, very recently, was rumored to be in a relationship with actress Marimar Vega after photos of them being very cozy surfaced on the internet.

The actor denied the rumor and stated that he is just good friends with the actress. From Hola Mexico: “We are friends. As discussed there, we have very good chemistry because we have known each other for a long time and we are friends. As long as no one is affected, there is no problem, I understand that photos are taken and that they can be misinterpreted.”

Hola Mexico also reports that JPM (yeah, we’re calling him this) is in a relationship with an actress named Paulina Davila. Also, he tied the knot with gallery owner Jimena Carranza back in 2016 but, from the looks of it, that relationship may have run its course. Anyhoo, here are wedding photos of Juan Pablo and Jimena.

juan pablo medina jimena carranza wife

juan pablo medina wedding to jimena carranza

Our favorite wedding photo because it’s kinda dramatic.

juan pablo medina wife jimena carranza wedding

Juan Pablo Medina Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here are some shirtless photos of Juan Pablo which we screencapped from his Netflix show.

juan pablo medina shirtless body

juan pablo medina hot body

We really like the greyish hair on him because he carries it really well.

juan pablo medina gay or straight

He gives us a glimpse of his briefs underwear.

juan pablo medina underwear - ropa interior - la casa de las flores

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