Mickey Mouse Underwear For Men: Delta Brand from Israel

Mickey Mouse Underwear For Men: Delta Brand from Israel. You’ve already seen the Hello Kitty underwear and the Tickle Me Elmo underwear, now check out this male model in his square-cut underwear featuring Mickey Mouse.

Now, here’s a question that we can only speculate about because we totally do not know the answer. Do you think Disney gave the license to these underwear manufacturers to use Mickey Mouse in their products? If not, are they not risking the ire of the mouse? What say you?

mickey mouse underwear for men

More Delta men’s underwear after the jump.

mickey mouse underwear delta brand

Ever heard of Delta Underwear? Well, this is the first time we came across the label but is apparently an underwear brand (maybe it also makes clothing other than undies) from Israel. It must have a licensing agreement with Disney because it has these men’s undies featuring Disney characters.

We like this one the best!

mickey mouse underwear for men by delta

Now, those of you who are looking for a cheaper alternative to Under Armour Underwear (you know, the one modeled by MMA top dog Georges St. Pierre) might find one in this Israeli label.

Delta’s¬†Matchtonim underwear line which you can see below is well recommended by an internet netizen which has this to say about it, “If you can find some place online which carries ‘Matchtonim’ you won’t be disappointed.”

Hey look, it’s Pacman!

mickey mouse underwear boxer briefs

Israeli hottie Yoav Goldberg models a Mickey Mouse underwear by Delta. Apparently, Israeli dudes also love them their baseball. And you thought it’s only an American sport, huh?

mens mickey mouse underwear boxers

Someone should teach Yoav how to pose as a believable boxer because his stance below does not cut it. Paging Manny Pacquaio, show this guy how to do a boxing stance correctly. Hehe.

mens mickey mouse underwear boxer shorts

Question: So, if you are a man looking for Mickey Mouse underwear for yourself, where exactly can you buy one? For “official” versions, we are pretty sure you can buy them from a Disney store whether online or offline. They might also have done some licensing deals with apparel companies like Delta¬†which is why this brand has a Mickey line.

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