John Fenoglio Gay or Straight? Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Shirtless Pics

John Fenoglio sexy tv reporter

John Fenoglio Gay or Straight? Time for another post on Media Hunks and, this time, let’s focus our eyes on the gorgeous man that is John Fenoglio, a news reporter for ABC News in Houston.

Apparently, he’s been in the media biz since 2007, the year he began his professional media career while interning at NBC. From there, his media gigs included reporting/producing/hosting stints with Outworld TV, Overexposure TV, Windy City Times, KCAL-Channel 9 (Los Angeles), France 24, and KRON-TV (San Francisco).

John Fenoglio overexposure

Last May, he moved from KRON to KTRK-TV ABC 13 in Houston which is where he got noticed by “male beauty oglers” for his reporting on the Houston flooding. From Project Q Houston:

Gay Houston viewers took note of Fenoglio last week as he hit the airwaves stepping over debris left behind in the wake of Houston’s massive flooding. Whether in Meyerland or Wharton, viewers soaked him up. And Fenoglio did it all with facial scruff and a tuft of hair peeking above the unbuttoned top of his shirt. Grrr.

Is John Fenoglio Gay or Straight? If we are to guess — and of course we are because guessing is one of the things we do here at Famewatcher — John Fenoglio is either gay or is a very enlightened straight ally to the LGBT community.

Why do we say this? Because his work history includes stints with gay media particularly the Windy City Times and we’re not sure but Outworld TV may be a gay enterprise too.

John Fenoglio gay or straight

Does he have a boyfriend (or a girlfriend) at the moment? We don’t know at this time but we sure would like to know too. If you have the dish about our John’s relationship status, please share it in the comments.

If he is single and is not in a relationship, who would be the ideal squeeze for him? We’re thinking he’d be a good match for Ronan Farrow. What do you think? Or maybe the better match is Gio Benitez who is also with ABC? Hehe.

Let’s end this post with this photo for those of you googling for John Fenoglio shirtless and underwear photos.


We know the underwear guy above is not our John but the pic came out when we googled his name. It’s a photo taken during a Chicago Gay Pride Event which accompanied John’s article on the Windy City Times. We’re not sure if he took the pic himself.