JLS Underwear Photos: Aston, JB, Oritse, & Marvin

Time to ogle again at some British hunks, don’t you think? This time, we bring you the JLS boys: Aston Merrygold, Oritsé Williams, Jonathan Benjamin “JB” Gill, and Marvin Humes. It’s been five years since their X Factor triumph (well, okay, they placed second to Alexandra Burke but that’s still definitely a triumph, right?) and they are still going strong.

Alexandra herself also continues to make headway in the music industry and like a true celebrity, she’s often the subject of gossip and “Did Alexandra Burke Have Plastic Surgery?” questions. It comes with the territory eh, Alexandra.

Oops, we almost totally got distracted there. This is about the JLS boys and their underwear so let’s have them, shall we? Let’s begin with a group photo where our singing quartet stripped to their boxer shorts in this shoot for Heat Magazine. Nice!

Now, on to individual underwear photos. First up is Aston Merrygold who’s seen in these next two photos modeling Emporio Armani boxer briefs. He’s sexy, aiiight! He should be able to give that Beckham dude a run for his underwear modeling money.

What would you do if you open your door and see Aston wearing nothing but white Armani boxer briefs?

We can’t find an underwear pic of Jonathan Benjamin “JB” Gill but we do have a pic of him in his swimsuit which is just as sexy as undies, right? Anyhoo, here’s JB looking cool in his striped outfit.

JB with girlfriend Chloe. That should answer your search questions which usually go, “Does JB Gill have a girlfriend” or “Is JB Gill a gay homosexual?”

Next up in our JLS underwear list is Marvin Humes who is engaged to Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays. She’s a lucky girl. Yumm….mmmmmy.


Do the JLS guys have a contract with Emporio Armani? Seems like they love posing in EA undies.

Last but not the least in our JLS underwear countdown is Oritse Williams who famously stripped on stage revealing his patriotic briefs back in 2010. Why did he strip? Apparently, he wagered that England would win the 2010 World Cup and that he’d strip to his undies if it does not. Well, England lost and he lost but he kept his promise.

But Oritse obviously does not mind showing his undies in public. Check out this pic he sent to his Twitter followers. Very nice, huh?


Now, if you’re wondering why these guys are in good shape (except maybe JB at the time his pics above were taken), it’s because they work out at the gym. Cool, eh?

So which of these boybanders have the best underwear photo? For more British dudes in undies, check out our post on the McFly Band’s Underwear.