Diesel Leather Jackets for Men: Fall Winter Menswear Fashion

Diesel leather jackets for men from the Italian label’s Fall Winter menswear collection. Our friend Kevin is a Diesel fan because its designs are totally wearable. You know, none of them silly things you sometimes see on the runway that no one on their right mind will be wearing.

diesel black leather jacket for men

Okay, maybe Lady Gaga and Rihanna and some Halloween treat or tricksters will wear them but no one else will. But as we were saying, Diesel outfits – like these leather jackets for men – are totally wearable.

black leather jacket by diesel for men

brown leather jacket diesel menswear italian design

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Diesel Black Gold Denim and Leather Jackets for Men: Spring Collection
16 September 2010

italian leather jackets

From the Diesel Black Gold Spring Summer collection. To be sure, there’s nothing extraordinary or remarkable in these denim and leather outfits. However, they’re totally wearable and these are things that Kevin would include in his wardrobe. We can’t say the same thing to some menswear collections which may look interesting on the runway but which will look ridiculous if you wear them in real life.

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