Freddie Fox Gay in Real Life? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Freddie Fox Underwear: Tighty Whitie Briefs. Do men still wear tighty whities? Or is our friend Kevin correct in saying that guys these days are more into non-white boxer briefs? Well, the boxer briefs hybrid may be popular these days but it does not mean that dudes have forsaken the classic white briefs. You want proof?

Ain’t that hot or what? We know you want still photos of the video so here are some vidcaps. All we’re gonna say is, “Coolllllldddd…”

freddie fox underwear - tighty whitie briefs

Check out British actor Freddie Fox doing his ALS ice bucket challenge in his tighty whitie underwear. For another celebrity in tighty whitie, check out Evan Peters’ Underwear.

Is Freddie Fox Gay or Straight? Our friends at gave Freddie a “higly gay” score: “According to 79 visitors Freddie Fox is 76% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Freddie Fox has been voted highly gay.”

Actually, Freddie is a straight guy. But he has taken on gay roles in the past which is probably why some people think he is gay IRL (in real life). Here’s a shirtless Freddie Fox as a bisexual assassin in the TV mini-series, The Shadow Line:

Freddie Fox gay or straight

Freddie will also star in an upcoming controversial TV series, Cucumber, where he plays the object of desire of an older man.

More from The Independent: “Unlike Queer as Folk, a story of young gay men, Cucumber – to be screened in 2015 – looks at gay life across different generations and stars Vincent Franklin, who played PR Stewart Pearson in The Thick of It, as a 46-year old man going through a relationship break-up, and Freddie Fox (from the acting dynasty) as a young object of his desires.”

Sounds interesting? Kevin is hoping this show will also air in the U.S.

Want Another Freddie Fox Shirtless Photo? This pic is for those of you looking for Freddie Fox shirtless photos. You’re welcome. Thank us in the comments.

Freddie Fox shirtless - shadow line

Freddie Fox Girlfriend. Is he dating anyone at the moment? What is his relationship status like? He is single now. He dated actress actress Tamzin Merchant but they called it quits last year according to

2020 Update. It’s about time we update this post and we do so by bringing you some images of our Freddie from the Channel 4 show Cucumber.

freddie fox underwear briefs - cucumber

freddie fox underwear - cucumber

So what’s the British cutie doing these days? Well, he’s been pretty busy as an actor — he’s currently got 36 acting credits to his name on IMDB — and he’s been added to one of our favorite shows, The Crown on Netflix. According to reports, he’ll be playing Mark Thatcher, the controversial son of the late British Prime Minister.

freddie fox the crown as mark thatcher

He most recently starred on the ITV series White House Farm where we see him chilling in his swimsuit with Alfie Allen.

freddie fox speedo - white house farm

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