Fabio Cannavaro Gay, Girlfriend or Wife, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Fabio Cannavaro Gay, Girlfriend or Wife, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Move over Cristiano Ronaldo, our good friend Deena has a new footballer-boyfriend now. His name is Fabio Cannavaro, the Italian hottie of Real Madrid. We can’t say we blame Deena because Fabio is obviously a hot hunk.

Fabio Cannavaro shirtless body

Why else would magazines like Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan put him in their covers, no?

fabio cannavaro gay

Italian Football Star Fabian Cannavaro Underwear Modeling Photos (posted 09 May 2009).

Our good friend Deena’s imaginary football boyfriend, Fabio Cannavaro models these really sexy underwear which, we think, are by the famed Italian fashion house, Dolce and Gabbana.

Fabio Cannavaro body

Our Fabio is very sexy and all-man, no? He’s got a nice bum too which is a big plus for a lot of people. Want more hot Italian guys?

Fabio Cannavaro underwear briefs

Fabio Cannavaro Drug Positive – Football Watch (posted 08 October 2009). Fabio Cannavaro, the Italian footballer, Deena has a crush on because he’s got a nice smile and a really nice behind has tested positive for some drugs.

But before you call him a cheater, the drug was reportedly given to him when he was in the hospital for emergency treatment. So its not like he doped himself to improve his performance or something like that.

More details from the Italian Olympic Committee website: “After an Italian player made a request for an exemption for therapeutic reasons for medicine given in an emergency, CONI’s Therapeutic Exemption Committee requested via registered letter that the Emergency Room doctor’s certificate be added to the documentation sent. In the meantime, the athlete was subjected to an anti-doping test and the result was positive.”

Fabio was reportedly given a cortisone-based anti-allergic medication to treat a wasp sting.

Fabio Cannavaro Gay or Straight? He is straight and very much married to his wife of 20 years Daniela Arenoso. The two got married in 1996 and have three children together.

Let us end this post with a photo of a dapper Fabio and his lovely wife, shall we? They sure are a good lookin’ couple.

fabio cannavaro wife daniela

Fabio Cannavaro Gay, Girlfriend or Wife, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Posted 7 May 2009. Updated 19 May 2017.