Most Expensive Men’s Leather Jacket: Rick Owens Alligator/Kangaroo Jacket?

What is the most expensive men’s leather jacket in the world? How much does one get to pay for it? We doubt if anyone is keeping a record on the most expensive stuff but for leather jacket, we’d nominate the Rick Owens Olive Wild Alligator Leather Hun Jacket which you can have for a freakin’ US$53,925.

Yup, you read that right, one leather jacket made of alligator and kangaroo skin costs more than the 2011 per capita GDP of PRACTICALLY ALL countries (the exceptions being Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Macau, Switzerland, Bermuda, Qatar, Norway, Luxembourg, and Monaco). Yaiiks!

rick owens alligator kangaroo leather jacket

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rick owens most expensive jacket in the world

For those of you who have the money to buy (or waste) on this jacket, here are more details for ya (via

Long sleeve supple genuine alligator leather jacket in tones of olive green. Stand collar. Angled zip closure and welt pockets at front. Tonal kangaroo leather trim at collar, cuffs, and hem. Welt pockets at interior. Fully lined. Tonal stitching.

Please note that the skins used in the creation of this garment are those of game reptiles; they have not been treated or modified. As a result, the natural imperfections visible throughout are testament to their distinctiveness.

Shell: 100% alligator leather. Trim: 100% kangaroo leather. Lining: 100% cotton. Specialty cleaners only. Made in France.

What is the internet commentariat saying about this jacket? Here you go:

  1. For that price you can buy yourself a whole farm full of alligators and kangaroos, and probably still have money left over for a car.
  2. For that price I hope the jacket comes with Rick Owens. [Us: Ewwww. We’d not still buy a 50+K jacket even if it comes with Rick Owens.]
  3. Wonder if the price includes a dance troop of really angry women.
  4. This isn’t something you buy just because you enjoy how it looks and makes you feel. This is something you buy to say: “Haaaa, look at me motha f*ckkaaaa, I’m rich as f*******ck!”
  5. I could buy this jacket or you know, eat and pay everything for a year o more
  6. I have a crock wallet. That jacket should be more like 2,500.00. So he marked it up 50 k based on the his name on the label. Fashion is cold. Dolce and Gabanna is in prison for charging those prices. lol

These comments are from Hypebeast commenters. We agree with what they are saying. We’d add that any man who buys this stupid jacket must have a teeny weeny you-know-what. Haha.