Dominic Stricker Shirtless, Titles, Prize Money, Girlfriend

Dominic Stricker Shirtless, Titles, Prize Money, Girlfriend. Who is the number three Swiss tennis player these days in terms of ATP ranking points? If you answered Roger Federer, then you must have been living under a rock because the tennis great and sports icon has retired last year. If you answered Stan Wawrinka, you’d still be wrong because the multiple Grand Slam champion who is semi-retired and only comes out to hopefully beat some youngins during Grand Slams is actually ranked #1 (and #49 worldwide).

Dominic Stricker ranking and career earnings

Anyhoo, for those of you not aware, Switzerland’s #3 tennis player is the boyish-looking Dominic Stricker who’s one of two athletes we’ve seen who appear to have been blessed with a Resting Happy Face. [For the record, the other one is baseball player Lars Nootbaar aka our imaginary Japanese American beau.]

Dominic Stricker girlfriend

dominik stricker best swiss tennis player with roger federer

At this time, Dominic is ranked at #128 in the world but we expect his ranking to climb very shortly because he’s doing very well in the US Open which is currently playing. He’s reached the round of 16 and will make it to the quarterfinals if he beats Taylor Fritz in his next assignment. [Update: He was beaten by Taylor.]

Dominic Stricker Titles, Sponsors, and Prize Money. So, he only turned pro in 2021 so he ain’t as rich as other established tennis players. But he’s already banked a total of $805,366 in prize money Actually, he’s already broken the million dollar barrier considering that he’s assured of at least $284,000 for reaching the round of 16.

Dominic Stricker titles - with hubert hurkacz - Diriyah Tennis Cup doubles champ

In terms of titles, the current Swiss #1 still has to bring home a singles crown but he’s already won two doubles titles (both from the Swiss Open in Gstaad, Switzeland). As a junior tennis player, he won the French Open in 2020 and also brought home the doubles title that year with partner Flavio Cobolli.

Dominic Stricker tennis titles - roland garros junior champion

Dominic Stricker tennis jock

Clearly, Dominic is talented and we hope he continues his winning ways in the current US Open and beyond.

Oh, from what we’ve seen on his social media (follow him on Instagram @domistricker), our Swiss tennis player is sponsored by Asics, Head, and Corner Card.

Dominic Stricker sponsors

Dominic Stricker Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Unfortunately for the hos among us, we can’t find any shirtless pic of the up-and-coming tennis star. As for his relationship status and preferences, we’re afraid we have no information at this point but we will update this post once we do have the info.

For the time being, here are photos of another Dominik Stricker (with a K) for those of you googling “Dominic Stricker smoking hot”. This other Stricker is an actor who stars in a TV show called Die Fallers – Eine Schwarzwaldfamilie.

Dominic Stricker smoking hot

dominik stricker hot actor

Dominic Stricker shirtless

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