Purple Speedo for Men: Celebrities and Models

Purple Speedo for Men: Celebrities and Models. Summer is about to end but this will not stop us for posting about gorgeous men and their choice of swimwear. For this post, we are all about guys and their purple Speedo swimsuits. At first, we thought we would have a hard time finding men wearing this color but, surprisingly, we didn’t have a hard time at all. But we did have a hard time looking for Cody Simpson (aka our favorite Speedo-wearing celebrity) in a purple swimwear. In fact, we actually didn’t find any.

purple speedo for men - actor luke evans

Thankfully, another Speedo-loving celebrity who was spotted wearing purple is our imaginary British beau Luke Evans. Unfortunately, the papz didn’t do a good job of taking his photo because, boy, do we feel uncomfortable while looking at the above photo. Haha.

Here’s actor and TV host Jessie Pavelka rocking a pair of purple Speedo briefs. Sadly, we had to “sanitize” the image because we want to stay in the good graces of Grandma Akita.

purple speedo for men - model jessie pavelka

Next up, in our list of celebrities in purple swimwear is Mario Lopez. Okay, this is obviously cheating because he’s actually wearing underwear not Speedo. But for the younglings among us, the TV host once had to ran in the streets of LA in his purple underwear after he lost a bet about the Superbowl to Extra co-host Maria Menounos.

purple underwear for men - mario lopez loses superbowl bet

Speaking of men running in their underwear or swimwear, did you know that the good guys of South Africa have an annual charity event where men in purple Speedos run to raise money to fight cancer? It’s called the Hollard Daredevil Run and its usually held in October.

purple speedo for men - Hollard Daredevil Run - prostate cancer awareness in south africa

Potchefsroom Herald has the details on how it started and how it is going: “What started with a brave soul running through peak hour traffic in a speedo to raise awareness about cancer twelve years ago has since become a nationwide phenomenon. The first-ever Covid-edition national Hollard Daredevil Run 2021 took place across the country on Friday, 15 October.”

The report adds: “The event, which raises funds for prostate and testicular cancer awareness and screening, saw runners participating countrywide, with men and boys in Potchefstroom and Rustenburg doing the province proud and bravely showing off their inner daredevil.”

Let’s end this post with these gorgeous male models in purple Speedo swim briefs:

purple speedo for men - by swimpixx brand

purple speedo for men - model in Adidas Event Splice Infinitex Plus Swim Brief Purple

purple speedo for men - rick majors swim briefs

purple speedo for men - model in Grape Purple Swim Brief by ven label

purple speedo for men - male model hunk

purple speedo for men - model Rejis Balcasse for adon

purple speedo for men - male model swimmer

purple speedo for men - male model Austin Scoggin

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