Diesel Jeans For Men and Women: Celebrities in Distressed Diesel Denims

Diesel Jeans For Men and Women: Celebrities in Distressed Diesel Denims. Let’s count some of celebrities who were spotted wearing Diesel distressed jeans. We begin with who may or may not be American Idol alumni Adam Lambert. Our friend Deena is insisting that the guy below who’s wearing a Diesel Poiak 8ZB Jeans is no one but glam rocker Adam Lambert.

We’ve been telling her that its not Adam because that’s not what his facial features look like so we both agreed to put up the photo here hoping that you can help us decide the matter. So fellow Famewatchers, is this Adam Lambert?

diesel jeans for men adam lambert

The identity of our next celebrity wearing distressed Diesel jeans need not be debated. It’s clear that it’s former Disney child star and now budding Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical actress is wearing a Diesel Lowky Jeans in 8SV. Want more Diesel Jeans for Girls?

diesel jeans for women vanessa hudgens

Chad Michael Murray was spotted in this slightly distressed Diesel Zathan N70 jeans.

diesel jeans for men chad michael murray

Who’s the girl below and what is she wearing? Hah! We know you’d ask that! Not a us of you would know the name of the gorgeous brunette wearing a Diesel Matic Skinny Rips Fit Jeans because not a lot of us watch Spanish TV. Her name is Sara Carbonero and she is a television host and sports journalist. She is, according to FHM USA, The Sexiest Reporter in the World.

diesel jeans for sara carbonero

Taylor Lautner needs no introduction around here since we’ve been blogging about him since he hit the Hollywood jackpot via the Twilight movie franchise. But we do need to ID the denim pants he’s wearing because that’s the point of our post, right?

Here you go then: Our teen wolf hunk wore a Diesel Darron 008SV Jeans when he was promoting New Moon in Mexico. Huh, did you know that New Moon translates to Luna Nueva in Spanish? We do learn something everyday, no?

diesel jeans mens taylor lautner


Micky Ayoub’s Distressed Diesel Jeans Model Photos
27 September 2010

diesel jeans mens micky ayoub

Want more Diesel jeans? Well, here’s the fabulous male model Micky Ayoub in his distressed Diesel jeans in a pictorial for Dazed and Confused Magazine. Photos by Max Farago.

diesel jeans mens micky ayoub

mens diesel jeans

Diesel Jeans For Men and Women: Celebrities in Distressed Diesel Denims. Posted 27 September 2010. Updated 26 May 2017.