Dániel Gyurta Shirtless Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimsuit Photos

Dániel Gyurta Shirtless Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimsuit Photos. Since we are on the subject of Hungarian Olympic gold medalists [see: Shirtless Krisztian Berki], let’s check out the handsome swimmer Daniel Gyurta who won the gold medal for the 200-meter breast stroke in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is actually some sort of a comeback for him. He proved that he is an Olympic threat when, at the tender age of 15 years old, he won the silver medal for the 200m breast stroke at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Unfortunately, he failed to medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics settling for fifth place. That failure must have inspired him to work harder because he not only bagged the gold medal in London but set new Olympic and World Records as well.

Like fellow Olympians, Chad Le Clos and Eric Shanteau, Daniel wears Arena swimsuit in the pool. [See more Men in Arena Swimsuits.]

Here’s a portrait of Daniel Gyurta as a young guy still in his teens. Squarecut swimsuit, anyone?

He’s in his itsy-bitsie, teeny-weeny red Speedo swimsuit.

By the way, one of the heartwarming sidelights to come out of the London Olympic Games is Daniel’s act of offering a replica of his Olympic gold medal to the parents of Alexander Dale Oen, his Norwegian friend and swimming rival who died of a rare form of heart disease three months before the Olympics. That’s what sports and the Olympics is all about, isn’t it?

Daniel with fellow Hungarian swimmers László Cseh, Bence Pulai, and Dominik Kozma. The quartet represented Hungary in the 4×100 medley relay but failed to make it to the top three. Who’s the hottest of the four? We’re gonna say Daniel because he’s got an Olympic gold medal. Hehe.

[Note: Laszlo is the most bemedaled Olympian of the four although a gold medal remains elusive for him. He won a bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, three silver medals in Beijing Olympic, and bagged a bronze medal in London 2012.]

Let’s end this post with a pic of Daniel in what looks like a squarecut swimsuit. Nice.

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Dániel Gyurta Shirtless Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimsuit Photos. Posted 21 August 2012.