Claire Yang Robin Gibb Housekeeper and Baby Mama

Claire Yang Robin Gibb Housekeeper and Baby Mama. We must say that we kinda feel for Claire Yang. She bore Bee Gees Robin Gibbs a child and Gibbs wife, Dwina Gibbs, who tolerated Robin’s relationship with Claire, decided to kick this girl and her child out of their house and made them live in a barn.

claire yang robin gibb

Geeze, Dwina, how heartless are you? And you call yourself a priestess? You are a priestess without a heart. If you didn’t want Robin to have a baby with this girl, then you shouldn’t have allowed your husband to have his way with her for eight very long years. What is she, a sex toy that one plays around with and throws out when one is done with it? That’s no way to treat another human being.

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8 February 2009

Robin Gibb is 59 and married to his tolerant wife Dwina. Claire Yang is 33 and is the couple’s housekeeper. Robin’s manther eyes strayed upon his housekeeper Claire and had a baby with her who is now three months old. But Dwina had had enough and kicked Claire and her baby out of their house.

The Dailymail reports:

Bee Gee Robin Gibb was renowned for having an ‘open’ relationship with his tolerant wife Dwina – a bi-sexual druid poet. But even she felt it was time to draw the line when her husband fathered a child with the couple’s live-in housekeeper, who is half his age. Mrs Gibb has now ordered home help Claire Yang, 33, and her baby girl, three-month old Snow Robin, out of the couple’s 12th century mansion.

Friends say that previously Dwina had given her blessing to Robin’s eight-year-long relationship with Miss Yang, but now feels ‘betrayed’. The 59-year-old Bee Gee has installed his new family in a plush converted barn five miles away where he is a regular visitor, and is said to be paying for a nanny.

Note: A manther is an old man who dates younger girls. He is the male equivalent of the cougar.

Claire Yang Robin Gibb Housekeeper and Baby Mama. Posted 11 February 2009.