Red Wedding Dresses: Celebrity Style Edition

Red Wedding Dresses By Vera Wang. Would you wear a red wedding dress when you tie the knot? People are somewhat conditioned to think that white is the only proper color for a bride but, if Vera Wang’s latest creations catches on, we might be seeing some brides wearing red wedding dresses in the future.

Check out these gorgeous red wedding dresses from the Vera Wang Bridal Collection.

red wedding dresses by vera wang

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beautiful red wedding dresses

So which of these three Vera Wang red wedding dresses would you wear to your wedding? Our pick would be the very first one above!

red wedding dresses for sexy briefs

We might be mistaken but it looks like Vera is the first ever top designer who used various shades of red as the color of her wedding gown collection.

Red Wedding Dresses By Monique Lhuillier. Oh wait, it turns out that Monique Lhuillier made a wedding gown for Filipino singer Regine Velazquez but we’re not sure if this is part of a red wedding gown collection for Monique or whether she used red just for this particular gown.

Check out Regine Velasquez and her Monique Lhuillier red wedding dress below.

Regine during her wedding.

Celebrity Red Wedding Dresses. We looked for celebrities who, like Regine above, might have been adventurous enough to wear a dress as bright as red but we haven’t come across anyone. One of our favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter, reportedly wore a red dress during her wedding with director Tim Burton but we haven’t come across any photo of their wedding. Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani wore a wedding gown that had red in it but its still a predominantly white outfit. Check it out below.

In case you are wondering, Gwen’s bridal wear is reportedly by British designer John Galliano.

By the way, the color red is no stranger when it comes to traditional Asian dresses. For instance, here’s Chinese actress/model Halina Tam in traditional Chinese wedding dress with new hubby Eric Choi Keung Wing.

And here’s Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai in a beautiful Indian traditional wedding dress.

Red Wedding Dresses (2017 Update). We bring you more celebrities and models who look gorgeous in red wedding dresses. First, check out Chrissy Teigen who wore a Vera Wang dress during her wedding reception.

red wedding dresses - chrissy teigen vera wang - reception

Now, let us add Oscar de la Renta to our list of designers who made red wedding dresses. The next photos below are from his 2013 Bridal Collection.

red wedding dresses - oscar de la renta2

red wedding dresses - oscar de la renta

Red Wedding Dresses: Celebrity Edition – Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier posted 19 June 2012. Updated 30 March 2017.