Celebrities Wearing G-Star Leather Jackets: Men and Women

Celebrities Wearing G-Star Leather Jackets: Men and Women. Because we’ve been blogging about Justin Bieber and the Twilight actors wearing G-Star clothes, you might get the impression that they are the only celebrities who wear G-Star.

We’d like to correct that impression because other celebrities love them their G-Stars too. For instance, here’s our favorite Beverley Hills 90210 actress Shannen Doherty rocking her black G-Star Biker Collar Leather Bomber Jacket.

celebrities wearing gstar leather jackets shannen doherty biker

Next up, here’s model-turned-television-personality Tyson Beckford looking hot and cool in his G-Star MFD Leather Jacket. What does MFD stand for? We don’t know. We’d like to think that it stands for Made For Dudes but that’s just us making a wild (and very likely wrong) guess. Want more celebrity leather jackets?

celebrities wearing gstar leather jackets tyson beckford

Of course, we should not forget the “once young and innocent to the ways of the world” Justin Bieber who actually introduced us to G-Star. We only heard of the brand when he started wearing them almost every day.

Justin Bieber Leather Jacket - G-STAR Raw Mens Cockpit Leather Jacket

G-Star Leather Jackets for Men and Women: Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection (30 August 2011). At a recent fashion show, G-Star came up with these fabulous men’s and women’s leather jackets for Fall/Winter 2011-2012. No wonder G-Star’s got lots of celebrity fans, its designers keep coming up with something new and fashionable.

g-star leather jackets women

Oh wait, they’ve got men’s leather pants too. Awesome!

Of course, if there’s leather pants for the boys, there should be leather dresses for the girls, right?

G-Star Leather Jackets For Men and Women: Spring Summer and Fall Winter (18 September 2010). Oh goody! Check out these really fabulous leather jackets from G-Star. These are from its Spring 2011 collection presented during the recent New York Fashion Week.

g-star leather jackets for men

We love love love the brown leather jacket despite the atrocious pair of pants the model is wearing. Hehe.

g-star leather jackets mens

This one’s for the ladies. Okay, the jacket is for the ladies but the pic may be more for the guys.

mens g-star leather jackets

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