Nigel Barker Shirtless, Sloggi Underwear Model, Ethnic Background

Nigel Barker Shirtless, Underwear Model, Ethnicity. One of the good things when we do blog post updates is we discover new things about the people we are blogging about. For instance, did you know that Nigel is part Sri-Lankan?

Apparently, her mom Gillian was originally from Sri Lanka. She was a model, beauty queen, and was a contestant in the Miss Sri Lanka pageant. In an interview with, Nigel reveals that its actually her mom who deserves credit for him becoming a model:

As for my modeling career, my mother is really to blame for my becoming a model. She was an avid watcher of an English TV show called “The Clothes Show,” which put on an annual model search. My mom entered me in 1989 or was it 90? I don’t remember. She entered me into the competition and to cut a long story short, I became a finalist and ended up in the top three. I decided to take a year off between High School and University and what was only meant to be a sabbatical, turned into a career move.

Here’s a photo of Nigel and his mother which he shared on Facebook (follow him @NigelBarkerOfficial):

nigel barker sri lankan ethnic background

In his interview, Nigel tells us more about how his mom influenced him to be the person he later became:

I grew up with photos and magazine articles about my mother everywhere and I was always conscience of how attractive a person she was. What she taught me was that beauty, real beauty, comes from within. She worked very hard from an early age using her modeling success to bring my Grandmother and Aunt from Sri Lanka to the UK and always supported her family. After meeting my father, she continued to work in the educational field and proved to me that beauty plus wisdom combined is truly charismatic.

Okay, want more shirtless photos of our model turned photographer turned TV personality? Of course you do! Want more Hot Mixed Race Men?

nigel barker shirtless body now - hot mature

Apparently, he modeled Sloggi briefs and boxer briefs when he was younger. Damn, this is the kind of photo we were looking for ten years ago. Haha. He shared this image on Facebook which is why you should follow him.

nigel barker underwear model for sloggi

Another shirtless photo of Nigel when he was younger.

nigel barker young model shirtless photo

Nigel Barker Abs, Young Modeling Photos, and His Family (07 October 2011). Hehe. Apparently, we Famewatchers are not the only ones who have a girl-crush on the shirtless British ANTM judge. In fact, some also have a crush on his abs (you know who you are “nigel barker abs” googlers). Unfortunately, we think the photos we published already (particularly the one where he’s standing) are the only ones where he shows us his abs.

But we do have this shirtless photo of him when he was a young male model. We initially thought that this pic is of one of them Baldwin brothers so we were pleasantly surprised that it’s actually the longest sitting ANTM judge (other than Tyra Banks).

nigel barker young shirtless body

Why are you hiding your abs, Nigel dear?

Funny how we mistake Nigel’s young modeling photos for someone else. He kinda looks like a Baldwin above, now he looks like controversial gay adult performer Michael Lucas – with pouty lips and all – in the next picture.

celebrity chest hair nigel barker

Does Nigel resemble Michael (below) or are we imagining things?

Nigel Barker Gay or Straight. By the way, those of you who are googling “is nigel barker gay?” or “does nigel barker have a girlfriend” or “nigel barker wife” will be disappointed to know that he does have a wife. Her name is Chrissy Chin Barker and, according to wikipedia, she’s a former model and a current CoverGirl representative.

Nigel Barker Shirtless: ANTM Judge on Cosmo Everyman (18 September 2010). Since we’re all about male shirtlessness today, here’s a post for those of you America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) fans who often go “I wonder what a shirtless Nigel Barker looks like?”. Well, wonder no more because the noted British photographer and ANTM judge has actually posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

nigel barker cosmo everyman magazine

We think these pics are for Cosmo’s Everyman cancer awareness campaign where famous men pose nekkid to raise awareness for male cancer and to encourage dudes to get themselves checked for prostate cancer, anal cancer, testicular cancer, and that kind of thing.

Hey, what do you think of Nigel’s boxers underwear? This one’s taken when he was modeling in the 1980s/90s.

nigel barker underwear - boxer shorts

Want more male celebs posing for Cosmo Everyman Magazine?

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