Celebrities as Princess Leia in Gold Bikini Underwear

Celebrities as Princess Leia in Gold Bikini. British glamor girl Rhian Sugden‘s two-piece gold bikini swimsuit reminds us of Princess Leia in her golden bikini. Whoever thought of dressing the Princess in gold bikini in her classic scene with Jabba the Hut deserves the eternal gratefulness of male movie geeks, no? [Note: Sorry, gold bikini photo of Rhian was deleted.]

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini - rhian sugden

So fellow Famewatchers, which is more fabulous, Rhian in her gold bikini or Rhian wearing a pink underwear (is that a Y-Front men’s briefs?) in a nearly all-pink ensemble?

Now, since we are on the Well, since we are on the subject of celebrities in gold bikinis, here’s the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie (full name: Stacy Ann Ferguson) in a two-piece golden swimsuit during a vacation she had in St. Barts. Good choice of swimwear, Ms. Fergie. We’re pretty sure your hubby, Josh Duhamel, approves. [Want more Fergie bikini photos?]

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini - fergie

Kristen Bell is really rocking as Princess Leia, isn’t she? The American actress, who’s probably most famous for her title role as Veronica Mars in the UPN/CW television show, was a delight to watch in Scream 4, no? She’s going to star as Supergirl in the upcoming film, Movie 43, scheduled for release in 2012.

celebrities as princess leia - kirsten bell2

Next, here’s Adrianne Curry, the first winner of the hit television show, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). Her modeling career may not have taken off and she may be in bad terms with ANTM producer and host Tyra Banks but Adrianne is actually fairly successful post-ANTM having starred in her own reality show. She can also claim that she’s a bonafide actress having appeared in several television shows and movies. Adrianne is a fan of Star Wars so we are not surprised to see her dressing up as Princess Leia.

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini adrienne curry

Okay, which Italian-American actress looks better in their Princess Leia bikini outfit? Adrianne Curry (above) or Alessandra Torresani (below). Both of them are gorgeous girls but we gotta give this one to Alessandra. Why? Because she’s got a black belt in taekwondo and she might kick our asses. Hehe.

Anyhoo, if you’re wondering where you’ve seen Alessandra, you might have watched her science fiction television series, Caprica, where she plays one of the leads, Zoe Graystone.

Alessandra Torresani gold bikini as princess leia

Another geek girl who obviously loves her her Princess Leia golden bikini outfit is Attack of the Show’s Olivia Munn. Last year, the television host/model/actress was hired to be a “correspondent” for Jon Stewart’s news spoof, The Daily Show. Probably she will do one of her reports while rocking her gold bikini, no?

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini

We’ve already seen British gal Kelly Brook’s swimwear, now what about we check out her Princess Leia one-piece bikini? This image, shot for Total Film Magazine, is reportedly Kelly’s homage to the much-beloved Star Wars character. This is probably our favorite entry to this list of celebrities as Princess Leia in gold bikini.

celebrities as Princess Leia in gold bikini - kelly brook

So that’s our list of female celebrities as Princess Leia in gold bikini. They’re hot, and beautiful, and gorgeous, and all but they are mere copycats. They are just pretenders to the throne who cannot equal the original. There can only be one Princess Leia and she’ll always be The Princess Leia in a Gold Bikini: Carrie Fisher.

celebrities as princess leia in gold bikini

In conclusion, who is your favorite of these celebrities as Princess Leia in gold bikini? Probably you’re like our friend Kevin who still likes the original, huh? But then again, maybe you are with us in picking Kelly Brook?

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