Booboo Stewart Fashion Style: Hoodie, Suit, Leather Jacket

Booboo Stewart Fashion Style: Hoodie Jacket. That’s a pretty cool hoodie that Twilight star Booboo Stewart is wearing, no? Any idea on what clothing line this is from and where one can buy this particular color?

booboo stewart fashion style

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Suit For Teen Boys: Booboo Stewart, Twilight Star
19 June 2010

booboo stewart fashion style teen boy in suit

Twilight Star Booboo Stewart (full name: Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.) is looking good in his black suit doesn’t he?

Is he on the road to becoming as big as his fellow Twilight actors Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson? What do you think? We sure are hoping that his star will will shine as bright as the other two.


Leather Jacket for Boys: Booboo Stewart, Twilight Star
20 June 2010

Want more Booboo Stewart fashion? We’ve seen him wearing his black suit as well as his V-neck white tees, now check out the up-and-coming Hollywood star in his black leather jacket and his beanie hat.

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Booboo Stewart Fashion: White Shirt for Teen Boys
05 June 2010


Up and coming teen star Booboo Stewart is looking dapper in his white V-neck shirt isn’t he? He’s also looking good in his casual formal shirt which he tops with a black coat. Classy.

Booboo Stewart


Anyhoo, for those of who who are like, “Who is this Booboo Stewart?” Well, he is the next big star in the Twilight franchise. He is Seth Clearwater in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse.

Booboo is one of them lucky guys who have a very diverse ancestry. According to wikipedia, he is Japanese, Chinese, Korean from his mother’s side and Blackfoot Native American, Scottish, and Russian from his father`s side. Lucky boy indeed.

Booboo Stewart Fashion Style: Hoodie, Suit, Leather Jacket. Posted 25 July 2010. Updated 31 May 2017.