Beautiful Indian Girls: Female Models, Sophie Chaudhary, Padma Lakshmi

Beautiful Indian Girls: Female Models, Sophie Chaudhary, Padma Lakshmi. Female underwear models on the catwalk during the Indian Fashion Forum in Mumbai, India. Some conservative groups, not unexpectedly protested, but common sense prevailed. The show featured the women’s underwear/lingerie collection of Triumph International.

beautiful indian girls triumph model

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Padma Lakshmi in NBC Sitcom “Single Serving”
24 January 2009

beautiful indian girls padma

Is Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi going to star in a sitcom? Yes she is, according to The Hindu newspaper. The sitcom, tentatively titled Single Serving, will revolve around a woman working in the culinary world – we’re guessing that’s Padma.

The show will be aired on NBC – home of great and top-rating sitcoms like Will and Grace, Friends, etc – which has been struggling in the ratings game in recent years.

Padma is no stranger to acting. Among her acting creds? Two Bollywood movies and that silly Mariah Carey movie, Glitter. Congratulations to Padma on her new gig. We hope this show rates well.


Sophie Chaudhary and Peter Andre: Sitting on a Tree
19 October 2009


Sophie Chaudhary and Peter Andre sitting on a tree. That sounds rhyming good doesn’t it? We’re all for it if it makes Katie Price aka Jordan jealous. The two are not really an item but Sophie reportedly felt an “electric sexual chemistry” between her and Peter when they shared the limelight during the Indian film awards which was recently held in Macau. Oh, and she admits lusting after Pete too. Hehe. Nothing wrong with that of course. We’re all for women lusting after men (and the reverse).

Anyhoo, here’s more gorgeous photos of Sophie which rivals Freida Pinto’s modeling pics.

beautiful indian girls sophie chaudhary

beautiful indian girls sophie chaudhary model

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