Aviator Coveralls for Men: Tom Cruise in Flight Suit

Aviator Coveralls for Men: Tom Cruise in Flight Suit. Today in our men’s coverall watch, we bring you these photos of men in their aviator coveralls/overalls. Of course, because we are a celebrity blog, we first bring you Tom Cruise in his Top Gun flight suit. This was before he went batshit crazy so he’s still looking good.

aviator coveralls for men - tom cruise in top gun

Now, here are real aviator guys in their coveralls. They are, we must say, more awesome than Tom Cruise. Hah, this guy can “out-cute” Tom Cruise, don’t you think?

aviator coveralls for men george mannett

Hello, Mr. Aviator. Does he remind you of Brad Pitt without the silly mustache in Inglorious Basterds?

aviator coveralls for men - real pilots

Happy landings to you too, Neil Joe Dobronski (at least that’s what we can decipher).

real pilot in coveralls

If the second dude above is a Brad Pitt lookalike, the next guy wearing aviator coveralls for men below is a cross between Ewan McGregor and George Clooney. Tell us you agree. Hehe.

aviator coveralls for men real pilot

Update: For other men in aviator coveralls, check out our favorite ginger that is Prince Harry looking gorgeous in his olive green flight suit. What do you think of Prince Harry’s aviator flight suit? Our friend Deena says he looks good in them but he much rather prefer him in his birthday suit. Hehe.

aviator coveralls for men - prince harry flight suit

Or, if you are an American Idol fan, you might want to check out the farmer hunk that is Drew Poppelreiter looking very much in his element at the farm. He is a hot farmer in coveralls. [Want more work overalls?]

farmers coveralls drew popelreiter

Update II. Let us include Prince William in this post on aviator coveralls for men. Like his brother Harry, the Future King is actually a legit pilot who can fly his own plane. The two princes went to some military flight school where they learned how to fly. [More at Prince William Pilot.]

aviator coveralls for men - prince william sexy in pilot uniform

Aviator Coveralls For Men: Tom Cruise and Real Pilots in Flight Suits. First published 4 December 2009. Last updated: January 17, 2023 at 7:00 am.