Adrien Brody Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Adrien Brody Underwear, Shirtless, Gay in Summer of Sam. What is Adrien Brody doing these days? Ever since he won a best acting Academy Award back in 2002, we have not heard about him much. Sure, maybe the reason is the fact that the entertainment media is devoting all their time and resources on the Kardashians. But, then again, maybe its because the talented actor is not involved in a noteworthy project that is worth reporting?

adrien brody washboard abs

Anyhoo, check out this photo of Adrien in his boxer shorts from the 2007 movie, Darjeeling Limited. Not bad, eh?

adrien brody boxer shorts - darjeeling unlimited

Adrien in a pair of briefs is even better. Screencaps from the 1999 Spike Lee movie, Summer of Sam.

adrien brody in bed - summer of sam briefs

What’s up with his hair? We suppose that’s what a gay prostitute’s hairstyle looks like in the late 1970s?

adrien brody underwear - briefs - summer of sam

We like his blue briefs though. The cut is very, very sexy. Want more male celebrity underwear?

Anyhoo, back to the question we asked above as to what Brody is doing now, he is apparently starring in three upcoming movies scheduled for release in 2013: InAPPropriate Comedy, The Third Person, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Motor City. InAppropriate Comedy is not getting good reviews and our Adrien is getting bashed for his participation in what’s reportedly a mess of a movie.

From Gawker which went with the title “Oh God Adrien Brody What Are You Doing”:

Actually, forget everyone — just Adrien Brody. How do you go from The Thin Red Line to The Pianist to Darjeeling Limited to The Brothers Bloom to Midnight in Paris to InAPPpropriate Comedy without a serious blow to the head?

Wait, is that what happened? Did Adrien Brody suffer a traumatic brain injury? Oh my god, I’m so sorry.

Lainey Gossip suggests that the Academy should revoke Adrien’s acting trophy for appearing in InAPPropriate Comedy. For its part, the New York Observer is also not impressed with the movie calling it a “spectacularly bad comedy”. For the sake of Adrien’s fans, we hope his other upcoming movies — The Third Person and The Grand Budapest Hotel — will be better received.

Adrien Brody Underwear, Shirtless, Gay in Summer of Sam. Posted 18 January 2013.